The good spirit of Aarre belongs to all

Aarrelabel, a sustainable local fashion brand, is one of IVALO.COM’s most popular brands for its colorfulness and versatility.

We asked Laura Silva, CEO, and designer of the Aarre brand, and Nina Alango, marketing manager, what makes Aarrelabel such a success with the public.

If you’re interested in big-hearted responsibility, comfortable dressing, and the secrets of Aarrelabel’s future, read the news about the Aarre women and the brand as a whole:

Three reasons to love Aarre


1. Comfort is the best thing about Aarre

Aarre is a brand of good spirit that brings people closer together. The Aarre brand describes itself as colorful, cheerful, and gentle.

The origin stories of Aarrelabel clothes are strongly linked to comfort, which Aarre believes belongs to everyone. Comfort is the best thing about Aarre and people buy the brand’s clothes for their good quality and fit.

Aarre’s best sellers include the Alex and Carol trousers, the Dot and Bubble products, as well as tights.

"Our personal favorites right now are the Momo dress, Manuela jumpsuits, and all the new colors for spring. Without exception, our most popular products are praised for their comfort, quality, and durability. That makes us very happy.”


2. Aarre takes all kinds of people into account

Aarre is a brand for everyone!

Aarre receives feedback and praise on IVALO.COM for its range of plus-size products. That’s something that many brands lack, and customers regularly ask for more.

The bold and colorful Aarre outfits are also popular with men. The unconventional design of Aarre is perfect for unisex wear for siblings, friends, and couples alike.

“Aarre believes that sustainable dressing should be part of everyone’s everyday life. That’s why Aarre wants to take people of all sizes into account.

A beautiful and comfortable garment should be able to please as many people as possible. That’s why we make different models of dresses and shirts so that as many people as possible can find the right garment for them.

Currently, most of Aarre’s clients are young adults.”


3. Sustainable development is a core value

Sustainability is one of Aarre’s core values and at the heart of all its operations. Aarre has its own factory in Ponte de Lima, Portugal.

Having its own factory gives Aarre a real opportunity to influence everyday production choices and the well-being of the people who work with the products.

Aarrelabel is also interested in all future materials. Together with their own production, they test and develop new sustainable materials and product innovations.

“Our mission is to bring responsible clothing into everyone’s everyday life. We know that the textile industry is nowhere near ready to call itself sustainable, so we work towards that every day.

We value the people who make our clothes, those whom we work with, and the materials we use. Nothing is thrown away.

We focus on design and material choices that affect the carbon footprint and longevity of products. We maintain long and close partnerships as we work together and collectively to develop sustainability.”


The future brings softness, color, and cuteness

Aarrelabel reveals to IVALO.COM that they have just “rescued” some fabric. This means that the surplus can soon be used to make a new special edition.

Softness is the keyword for the upcoming collections and this summer will see a special focus on not only the color – but also cuteness.

“Even though very sad things are happening in the world right now, we still have a hopeful mood. Hope has given us a lot of enthusiasm and inspiration and we are looking forward to the summer.

Soon Aarre wants to organize events and see more people. The last two years of distance working have made us miss life. We look forward to see clients and other friends of Aarre in real life.”

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