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The IVALO.COM team's favorite trousers are comfortable, stylish, and contemporary culottes that are 1) easy to pull on in the morning and 2) can be styled for a dressy party night.

Culottes are slightly cropped trousers that often have quite a bit of width across the leg. Culottes have their roots in the 70s. They have made a comeback in recent years thanks to the international fashion and style icons.

With the new arrival, the width of the trendiest culottes has steadily increased. Slightly narrower culottes are perhaps the most practical and versatile; they are still good for cycling, for example.

The super-fashionable ones, however, are very wide and are a great choice for a party outfit. They come in stylish black, but also in prints, with glitter and strong colors.

We picked the best culottes from five sustainable Finnish fashion brands. Choose your favorite culottes from the list below.



One of IVALO.COM's best-selling trousers is the Kaiko Everyday Culottes, made from a comfortable and stretchy "ponte roma" knit. Yet they still hold their shape. The material is 75% organic cotton, 23% polyamide, and 2% elastane.

Kaiko rightly advertises its favourite trousers: "If you're looking for a pair of neat trousers that don't compromise on comfort, look no further!" If you figure you're choosing between two sizes, go for the smaller one.

Kaiko's range also includes other culottes, such as the lyocell Flowy Culottes, which are dreamy lightweight, and beautifully flowing for summer wear.



Viljava, from Finland's Ostrobothnia region, not only designs but also manufactures his clothes in Finland.

The Riemu culottes, made from cotton-elastane, are lovely to wear even on hot summer days. The base color of the pants is a trendy lavender, and Elisa Parto's floral design is the perfect accompaniment.

The Riemu trousers have a wide elastic waistband, which makes them comfortable for active use. Wear also for summer celebrations - the Riemu are made for garden parties.



Aarrelabel's most popular culottes model is Alex. The high-waisted Alex is fitted from the top, but the legs flare out quite a bit. The cotton-polyamide-elastane material is durable and comfortable to wear. 

Like Kaiko's Everyday Culottes, these high-quality everyday pants are made from a "ponte roma" knit that drapes beautifully, holds its shape, and doesn't wrinkle or bag easily.

In addition to the Alex culottes, Aarre also makes the popular Alice model, which is made entirely of soft cotton.



Archetype, a Helsinki-based design house, offers culottes to those who want them in stylish and contemporary linen versions.

The wide-leg linen trousers have side pockets and a sewn-in elastic waistband. Archetype's design is minimalistic and they have removed all the extra seams and back pockets from the pants. According to Archetype, this also makes the trousers more suitable for all body types.

Archetype Wide Leg culottes are available in sophisticated and trendy shades of Ecru (light beige) and Blush (muted pink).

Globe Hope


Globe Hope is the master of circular fashion, and its Pohjatar culottes are made from 100% recycled yarn, with a zero-waste approach. The pants have relaxed side pockets and an elastic waistband.

Pohjatar culottes are easy to pull on at home or on the go. They are comfortable, yet smart casual and can be mixed and matched for a wide range of outfits. Recycled cotton feels relaxed, and recycled polyester adds durability and strength to the fabric. 

The Pohjatar culottes come in black, brown, and grey.

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