Get to know the trending sunglasses for summer 2023

Sunglasses are not only a healthy way to protect yourself from the sun's harmful effects, but also an absolute must-have accessory to complete your outfit.

Sunglasses are just the right accessory to make a style statement.

High-quality sunglasses protect your eyes from uncomfortable glare and the sun's UV radiation. 

UV protection for your eyes is essential in winter on the slopes, when driving, and in summer when you're out on the water. Eyes are also exposed to the sun's rays in shadowy places such as backyards, forests, and cities.

Choose the sustainable ones

Sunglasses trends 2023

Sustainability and wellness are trending in clothing choices, and the same trend is expanding to other areas of life. 

People are seeking for more non-toxic cosmetics, eco-friendly detergents for home and textile care, greener driving, and natural ingredients for cooking.

Everyday accessories such as sunglasses can also be part of a more holistically sustainable lifestyle.

Sunglasses are traditionally made of plastic and metal in low-cost countries. The more sustainable versions come from ethical production. 

Sustainable sunglasses make use of recycled materials, material innovation, and biodegradable materials such as wood.

Summer 2023 sunglasses trends

All black

Sunglasses trends 2023

Bold, sci-fi-inspired all-black takes the crown of the trendiest sunglasses for summer 2023.

Black is a safe trend, as it goes with a wide range of outfits and is easy to mix and match. 

Black will last for years, transform your look, and won't become boring easily. 

The latest black sunglasses are big, flashy, and shiny.

Fashionable brown

Sunglasses trends 2023

Brown is the fashion color of the year, and a lot of brown lenses can be seen in sunglasses now too.

The brown spectrum offers tobacco, felines, burnt orange, cognac, Cuba, cocoa, and caramel.

Brown lenses in sunglasses enhance contrasts and accentuate colors. Opticians often say they make the landscape more beautiful. You can often see better through high-quality brown lenses than through black, grey, or green ones, even in dim or cloudy weather. 

Brown lenses are also praised by drivers.


Sunglasses trends 2023

Every wanna-be snowboarder now gets a pair of sporty glasses that go with you wherever you are. You can wear sporty sunglasses on your head, forehead, and over your eyes as needed. The trendiest wear them over headgear.

Sporty glasses are not afraid of colors, so everything from pink to white and turquoise to neon shades are in. Mirrored and colored lenses also fit the style.

While sporty sunglasses are often made for skiing and winter sports, they're also great for festivals, bars, and summer walks. 

Sporty sunglasses are also suitable for active lifestyles, and they protect your eyes from the sides as well.


Sunglasses trends 2023

With echoes of the 70s, good old boxy glasses are a fresh take on summer sunglasses. 

The rectangular shape is now a fashionable sunglasses model that are allowed reach outside the face.

The oversized model may let some of the sun's rays enter the glasses, but conversely, the large size of the sunglasses protects your face.

In terms of style, rectangle sunglasses are the hit of the summer. They flatter round faces and make anyone look like a movie star.


Sunglasses trends 2023

A step up from rectangle sunglasses means big - well, huge - sunglasses.

This summer, the world's fashion shows are serving up past-world glamour glasses, vintage glasses that cover almost the entire face and stunning geometric shapes.

After all, high fashion is always a bit over the top, so you can go overboard if you want.

Rose gold

Sunglasses trends 2023

Paired with round lenses, the pale pink is reminiscent of Woodstock glasses, but hey - pastels have been around for a long time!

Delicate sliding colors and lenses that show the world as purple and pink are planted in gold frames.

With the sunglasses' round shape and charming lenses, you'll add a personal, bohemian, and trendy look to your style.


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