Hidden Gems - Rita Row

Hola! May we present - our new style muse from Figueres, Spain.

Launched at IVALO.COM in the spring, Rita Row has quickly taken over the top of our lists.

The Hidden Gems series showcases the lesser-known designer brands of sustainable fashion, favorites of the IVALO.COM team and customers, and sustainable fashion creators with great passion.

What would Rita Row do?

Rita Row

Rita Row is not only a fresh and exciting fashion brand, but also a fictional character created by its founders Imma Serra and Xènia Semis.

Rita Row is a bold and urbane woman with a modern attitude, guiding the brand's solutions in business direction and design. If you're wondering if Rita Row could be your power woman too, take a closer look:

Rita Row doesn't settle for little. The free-spirited and confident dresser looks for personal pieces of clothing, individual style, and elegant comfort. She wants her clothes to be responsible, effortlessly comfortable, and made of unconditional quality. 

Rita's wardrobe is incredibly simple and versatile - and the idea is that you won't find the same pieces from anyone else.

The Mediterranean atmosphere

Rita Row

The Mediterranean countries are home to a remarkable number of sustainable fashion brands. This is due to factors such as local craftsmanship and tradition, the traditional nature-based lifestyle, and the good availability of materials.

Rita Row's designs reflect the authentic spirit of Mediterranean brands. The tones reflect brightness, nature and warmth. Organic cotton is made for long days in the sun. Big hats and sunglasses complete each collection.

In Rita Row's soulscape, you can see both the cheerful and trendy Barcelona and the sophisticated 70s Riviera. 

Rita Row's designs are also well-suited for Scandinavian taste. The lines are sharp, the clothes are functional and they are perfectly suitable for a wide range of occasions.

Local craftsmanship

Rita Row

Rita Row's sustainable clothing is made locally in Spain and Portugal. The brand's founders believe that sustainable fashion has a unique role to play in contributing to a more responsible world.

The sheer size and disadvantages of the global textile industry place it in a key role as an actor of great change.

Rita Row sees strong localism as an opportunity to influence regional vitality and economies while managing the ethicality and transparency of supply chains. Rita Row knows its makers, making the production of clothing more ethical and humane.

Rita Row garments use high-quality and primarily certified European materials from Mediterranean countries; Spain, Italy, and France.

It is important to be decisive when buying clothes made in small batches. Rita Row sells out its sizes quickly. If there's one garment in particular that you love, keep in mind that it's unlikely to be available in very large quantities.

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