Feedback from IVALO.COM team and customers about the best of 2021

In our last blog at IVALO.COM we published the past year's whitelist about the most topical products and phenomena of transparent fashion.

The best of 2021 winners are:

  1. Swedish underwear by Understatement
  2. Finnish cactus bags that conquered Vogue
  3. The best Finnish design and female power
  4. IVALO.COM bestseller category 2021: party clothes
  5. Miia Halmesmaa LUSH dress
  6. Social sustainability of clothes production
  7. Eco-denim
  8. Slow Fashion
  9. Clothes maintenance

In the following comment section we publish some reasoning, recommendations, and product tips about the whitelist stars given by our IVALO.COM team and customers.

”In my drawer there’s Understatement high-waist strings in many colors. When I put them on, I just somehow immediately feel sexy and gorgeous.”

”The color selection of Understatement is very wide and interesting. Always when I think I’ve seen them all, a new topical and magnificent shade pops up. My personal favorites are Mrs. Grey, Nebula, and from the freshest ones I’ve been checking out Grace!”


ASK Scandinavia Willow Tote Bag got some admiration at Copenhagen airport. Two people came to ask about it and I proudly told them it’s Finnish eco-design.”

”This year, Kaiko stormed its way into my wardrobe. My favorite summer dress was the white Button Dress. I really love accessories by Kaiko, too. The soft and light Cashmere scarf in black was a spot-on choice for autumn and the Frill socks enchant every time I wear them. At parties, my ears have been graced with Camila earrings by Kaiko.”

KATRI NISKANEN Skin Pants were a superb purchase. In the winter, I combine them with short dresses. Very sexy! Miia Halmesmaa earrings are splashy and give a certain bling to spice up an otherwise simple outfit.”

”The pieces I wore the most this autumn were Cashmere Turtleneck and a merino wool Neck Warmer by Kaiko. They are both easy and perfect for everyday wear and layers!”


”My choice for the best party clothing is Swedish Stockings. These lovely socks and tights bring some edge to any outfit!”

Halmesmaa dresses are even 1000 times more gorgeous than in the pictures. They are so beautifully becoming and have the top-quality design feel to them. Try them on – the gloriousness maximizes. My favorite is the simple Flirty.”

Swedish Stockings

”The black Laumes by The Knotty Ones is on me for the second winter now. Laumes has been definitely my most used sweater at home and everywhere. I like the oversized design and the long enough hem. It covers my bum and I combine it with Residus Lou Pants or KATRI NISKANEN Skin Pants. The knit is super warm, too!”

”This year, I bought the cotton Delčia by The Knotty Ones in addition to the merino Laumes I already had, and it became my instant favorite. The sweater has a perfect design and beautiful details. Cotton as material is adorably light yet looking sharp.”

”My unbeatable favorite pair of jeans are Kings of Indigo Caroline Ecru.”

The Knotty Ones

”Slow Fashion brands Residus and August are my favorites. From both of these brands I’ve found some timeless high-quality shirts and trousers I can see myself wearing after many years to come.”

”The Knotty Ones has taken my heart with the lovely colors, designs, and the soft natural materials. The made-to-order products only have one problem – I’m so eager to get them the wait seems intolerable. Rotholz has become my second favorite with their top-quality unisex basics.”


”My personal clothes maintenance tip is to wash all knitted items as rarely as possible. I have sweaters that I have never washed even once, just removed some stains locally. Lint combing and ventilating in fresh air, especially on cold winter days, is enough to keep the sweaters fresh.”

”I discovered clothes maintenance this year. So unbelievably easy and rewarding! Combing and airing instead of washing keeps them in better condition and it’s lovely to wear clothes that look well cared for. A good rule of thumb is: wash it when it really is dirty.”

”The beautiful clothes brush by Kent is a downright decorative object.”

Arkive Atelier Kent vaateharja

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