The best of sustainable fashion in 2021

The best of sustainable fashion in 2021

We are glad to see there is a wide awakening going on – people everywhere start giving more credit to ethical and social sustainability and environmental consciousness when it comes to clothing. The sustainable fashion products available at IVALO.COM have been sold in 22 countries already.

As a result of an 850 000e funding round, IVALO.COM is expanding as a Finnish online store to the European fashion markets in 2022.

IVALO.COM wants to give the warmest thanks to our customers and collaborators for this glorious year. Thank you so much, each and every one of you!

IVALO.COM products and phenomena of the year

Also this year, IVALO.COM unveils the white list – the most beloved products and major phenomena of transparent fashion in the year 2021.

Here are the winners and joy bringers of the past year.


The year 2021 at IVALO.COM suddenly became all about underwear, when the Swedish brand Understatement came and cleaned the table.

The women behind Understatement want to produce comfortable yet magnificent underwear and loungewear. Understatement works ethically and utilizes eco-materials in their production.

The wide selection from sporty microfiber to lovely lace in various trendy colors also made Finns go crazy.



USA Vogue lifted the Finnish brand ASK Scandinavia into the limelight because of their Plant Leather products.

The “plant leather” by ASK Scandinavia is an ecological material innovation made of fig cactus also known as “prickly pear”. This very comfortably soft leather-like material is sustainably grown with rainwater and without pesticides.

Vegan and sustainable DESSERTO® material saves resources and is cruelty-free.

ASK Scandinavia

#finndesign & girlpower

Finnish and Scandinavian design is interesting now – new Northern brands are being born and raised despite the ongoing pandemic.

During the difficult times, there have been some concrete actions for supporting domesticity. People are consciously making choices to purchase in favor of Finnish employment, entrepreneurship, well-being, and know-how.

The most popular domestic brands at IVALO.COM were the female-founded super brands KATRI NISKANEN, Kaiko, and Miia Halmesmaa.

Kaiko & Katri Niskanen


Parties are back! After staying at home for way too long, people ran out to meet friends and celebrate in the summer of 2021.

This autumn was the golden age of parties – weddings, birthdays, and meetings with workmates were finally allowed to happen after many delays.

The most popular products at IVALO.COM were sustainable party dresses, splashy jumpsuits, and accessories for celebration.

Leandra & Fejn


Fireworks of colors and the power of design are presented by Miia Halmesmaa from Turku. Her exuberant LUSH dress was the most noticed piece of clothing at IVALO.COM in 2021.

Halmesmaa is an envoy of body positivity. Her clothes are made-to-order; unique single pieces or small patches. She utilizes local materials and surplus fabrics in her production.

Halmesmaa spreads the message of joyful womanhood and courage of expression.

Miia Halmesmaa Lush-mekko


Socially sustainable fashion brands at IVALO.COM have received a lot of support and interest this year.

The main target group of IVALO.COM is women with individual styles who only want to buy what is good. Socially sustainable clothing brands such as Kaiko and The Knotty Ones emphasize dignity and stand against exploitation and inequality in all their actions.

The most popular sweater brand at IVALO.COM, The Knotty Ones, combines social sustainability and the most beautiful knit design in the world. The pieces are designed in New York and knitted in rural areas of Lithuania. The artisans are mostly housewives and mothers who can now live in their hometown and provide for their family, thanks to this job. The Knotty Ones offers education, safe working conditions, and a fair salary for the women.

Finnish Kaiko is investing concretely in the well-being of women – 7% of the profit of Kaiko is directed into education of women in developing countries.

The Knotty Ones


The year 2021 has been revolutionary for the all-time icon of clothing: jeans. The problems of the world's denim industry have been well known for a long time – nevertheless, the big jeans brands and mass fashion have made their way into our wardrobes without too much thought given.

The most searched for and bought items during 2021 at IVALO.COM have been the sustainable jeans. Denim never goes out of fashion, but from now on we want them to be more healthy and safe for the environment, producers, and users.

The trends of 2021 have been undyed denim, ecological materials and production, as well as ethical production without sweatshops or harmful chemicals.

Kings Of Indigo


As a counter-movement to fast fashion, there is a concept of slow fashion growing to rationalize the production, purchase, and use of clothing. Slow Fashion brands design their collections to have a long lifespan, and the clothes are made-to-order or in small batches to prevent overproduction.

Ecological methods of manufacture and a high-quality end product may cost a little more than when bought from a mass fashion chain or Black Fridays. Even so, a rapidly growing number of consumers are willing to vote for the usefulness and functionality of slow fashion.

What if the production of clothing would not be tied to time, season, or short-lived fashion trends anymore – but to individual style and real demand instead?

Lilja the Label


The environmental act of the year is clothes maintenance; it’s making its way back to reality. The most ecological way of dressing is to take care of the clothes and shoes we already have purchased.

During the pandemic, we all had a plenty of time to go through closets and attics finding some forgotten treasures. An old leather bag is relatively easy to fix. With the right kind of device, old jackets, shoes, and sweaters become good as new again.

Second-hand and rental clothes are IN. An aware consumer takes a look at the selection of Arkivé Atelier today.

Arkive Atelier garment care products