The glowing reds

The glowing reds

November's darkness and chill have settled, but the season's most stunning reds are here to keeping you warm.

The traditional shade for the festive season is the classic red. But red can also be enjoyed in an endless range of shades.

Choose the seasonal red that suits your style and mood from IVALO.COM's sustainable festive clothing collection.


Bright pink colored clothing items.

Fuchsia is a gorgeous hot pink that you can wear from head to toe in a stunning way.

For a sophisticated twist - add a elegant pink accessory to an all-black outfit, for example.

Fuchsia as a shade of red contains a hint of blue, so it's a bit cooler shade. Strong fuchsia is also called pink and aniline.

Right now, dark fuchsia is also on the surface; a delicate raspberry red.


Dark red coloured clothing items.

Burgundy, a shade of brownish-purple red, is almost like a royal colour, and is perfect for festive wear.

Burgundy's sisters are the topical crimson, ruby and purple.

Sicilian marsala wine shade of burgundy glows in the clothes of Diana Arno and Voglia, among others.

Burgundy looks particularly intense on blondes.

Ice Cream

Light pink coloured clothing items.

Strong and eye-catching pinks are perfect for a boldly distinctive party look.

Ice-cream pink is perfect for the open-minded who wants to break new ground in festive dressing.

Powdery pink nudes are timeless. Soft pinks can be kept in your festive wardrobe year after year.

Classic Red

Classic red coloured clothing items.

The eternal Parisian red is a sure choice.

Feminine and vibrant, red has been a classic in festive wear for centuries.

The pure shade of red suits a variety of skin tones. And remember, red can make itself truly unforgettable.


Orange red coloured clothing items.

Corals and strong oranges have been popular colours for clothing, make-up and accessories in recent years.

For festive dressing, orange-red is bold. It particularly suits for warmer and darker skin tones.

A few shades darker, orange-red is a trendy shade of brick.

A selection of festive wear in different shades of red can be found here.