TOP5 of sustainable gifts for Christmas

TOP5 of sustainable gifts for Christmas

If you wish to finally say goodbye to fast fashion, mass-production nightgowns, sock packs, bathrobes, and acrylic knitwear, you are warmly invited to IVALO.COM.

IVALO.COM introduces you to the finest sustainable fashion clothing, accessories, and home textiles, all in one place.

The harder the times, the more important it is to have a Christmas with genuine good deeds. Choose a sustainable present this Christmas. Slow fashion, more eco-friendly materials, and ethical production create a bright Christmas spirit.

Finnish zero-waste

Three people wearing cozy clothing from Pure Waste.

Finnish zero-waste pioneer Pure Waste uses only 100% recycled fibers in its products.

Pure Waste's recycled fabrics and products made from them produce 50% less carbon emissions and use 99.9% less water than products made from virgin materials.

Santa's eco-gift recommendations from Pure Waste include comfortable t-shirts, joggers, hoodies, and sweatshirts that you'll want to change into as soon as you come through your front door.

Pure Waste's designs also include easy-to-wear clothes for work and active leisure.

A quality bathrobe

Two people wearing bathrobes from Kaiko and AmourLinen.

IVALO.COM's most desirable bathrobes for Christmas are new arrivals from Finnish favorite Kaiko, which we promise you'll use.

An ethically made bathrobe from Kaiko is the perfect pampering gift for yourself, a friend, a sister, or a mother. Kaiko's selection includes bathrobes even for the little ones in the family.

The thick robes will keep you warm even in the chilly weather. Put on your wool socks and enjoy the Christmas holidays - or all year round - in Kaiko's artful patterns.

Those looking for responsible linen dressing gowns and home wear will want to take a peek at trendy Lithuanian linen brand AmourLinen's selection of gifts.

Other nice and lovely things for the home and home life can be found in IVALO.COM's new HOME category.

Lovely intimate gifts

Underwear from Understatement.

The best lingerie gifts are packaged by the Swedish company Understatement, which makes gorgeous lingerie ethically - by women, for women.

Understatement's founders Marie and Maria seek out the world's best materials and manufacturing techniques to make Understatement products feel as good as they look.

Understatement lingerie comes in a wide range of shades and flattering designs for a variety of body types.

Knitwear of dreams

People wearing different kinds of knitweat from The Knotty Ones, Rhea and Ekat Helsinki.

If you're looking for just one knitwear to be the queen of your wardrobe, turn to The Knotty Ones.

IVALO.COM's most popular knitwear brand is famous for its unique knitwear designs that you won't easily find elsewhere. Made from natural materials, these personalized knits are perfect for work, festive and casual wear.

Designed in New York, the knitwear is custom-made in the Lithuanian countryside. The Knotty Ones specializes in social responsibility and the employment of women in rural areas.

Knitwear fans' gift dreams can also be found from Rhea, which specializes in sustainable luxury merino wool at affordable prices.

Supporters of small businesses will love the new Finnish company Ekta Helsinki, which makes simple woolen knitwear, stylish scarves, and warm duvets from Finnish wool - ethically made in Finland.

Eternal bag

Lovias black handbags and Gaston Lugas bags in grey, black and army green.

Accessories are a popular gift because you don't have to worry about getting the right size.

A sustainably made designer bag will survive over time and even serve for generations.

Unforgettable and unique party bags made from recycled materials are produced by the Finnish company Lovia, for example. The clean forests of Kainuu and Finnish folklore inspire Lovia's design.

The trendiest vegan handbags can be found from Stockholm-based Gaston Luga. Gaston Luga is the best gift for outdoor enthusiasts. The waterproof bags will protect your work equipment even on the longest bike ride to the office.