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Sustainable Stars - MUD Jeans

IVALO.COM's Sustainable Stars blog concept highlights well-known pioneering brands in sustainable fashion. 

In the series, you can discover the brands and products of IVALO.COM that have already earned a strong position in the growing field of sustainable fashion.

Better Denim

MUD Jeans

At IVALO.COM, we have often encouraged those interested in sustainable fashion to at least swap their jeans. This is because, traditionally, jeans production in general has been one of the mass fashion industry's biggest scapegoats.

IVALO.COM has for several years been promoting better jeans under the "Better Denim" label. Sustainable fashion jeans are known for their overall sustainability, not just the fact that they have organic or recycled cotton added to them.

Sustainable jeans are ethically and transparently manufactured without exploitation, sweatshops, or child labor. The raw materials and production process pay attention to the environmental impact. Chemicals that are toxic to living creatures and the environment are not allowed.

MUD Jeans - revolutionary jeans

MUD Jeans

Dutch MUD Jeans started working for a more sustainable world and clothing more than 10 years ago - in 2012.

Bert van Son, the founder of MUD Jeans, has decades of experience in the fashion industry and has seen it all. Bert has personally witnessed the unethical conditions of factory workers and the devastation caused by overproduction.

That's why MUD Jeans specializes in sustainable denim products. MUD Jeans holds the B Corp certification, awarded to socially and ecologically sustainable companies. Among all certified B Corp companies, MUD Jeans' environmental score was in the top 5% worldwide.

In the IVALO.COM 360 Sustainability Validation, MUD Jeans scored remarkably high, which Outi Pyy, Head of Sustainability, considers exceptional, especially for a denim brand. Pyy also praises the way MUD Jeans provides size information, which improves the inclusiveness of the brand.

Lease A Jeans - a unique concept

MUD Jeans

MUD Jeans' circular economy concept Lease A Jeans is unique. The brand is not thinking about its own interests in selling as many pairs of pants as possible, but rather encouraging the consumer to make the bold transition from owning to using.

The concept rents jeans for a monthly fee for customers to use. After a year of rental, customers can keep the jeans or return them for recycling.

MUD Jeans decides whether to sell the returned jeans second-hand or send them to the Recover Valencia recycling factory, where the denim fibers are reused to make new jeans.

Going beyond recycling

MUD Jeans

MUD Jeans has a track record of developing the use of recycled fibers as part of responsible jeans manufacturing.

The brand has used new technology to produce jeans made entirely from recycled fibers. The traditional mechanical recycling process shortens the original cotton fibers and thus reduces their durability.

In a project that started in 2019, MUD Jeans has combined mechanical recycling with a newer chemical method to produce jeans made from 100% recycled cotton.

Design, art and inspiration

MUD Jeans

Like a true denim brand, MUD Jeans is both a timeless classic and on the cutting edge.

Style-conscious MUD Jeans produces the perfect designs, fits, and washes for every modern jeans user - both men and women.

The brand's extensive range caters the ones seeking for timeless straight-leg jeans as well as the trend-conscious ones who wants to find a personal or very contemporary jeans.

In addition to jeans, MUD Jeans also designs and manufactures other denim garments such as denim shorts and denim jackets.

MUD Jeans' credible design takes its fashion inspiration from both the streets and high culture. In 2022, MUD Jeans collaborated with the Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam to create a special capsule wardrobe collection inspired by the artist Vincent Van Gogh.

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