Plus size fashion

Looking for sustainable plus size fashion? - Check out these brands

IVALO.COM works systematically to offer a diverse range of sustainable clothing.

We also collect data and inform the fashion brands in our marketplace on how they can better reflect inclusivity in their own operations.

Fashion inclusivity

Inclusivity in clothing and garment manufacturing means design, production, and practices that are non-discriminatory, equal, and inclusive of all users. 

Offering an adequate range of sizes in collections is one way of enabling a wide range of people to dress sustainably. 

In addition, size indication plays a major role in helping customers find the right garment for them.

IVALO.COM Sizing and Measurements Study

Plus fashion

We've been consistently hearing from our customers that there is a strong demand for a wider range of plus sizes in sustainable fashion. Customers also often request more detailed measurement information for online shopping.

Based on customer feedback, IVALO.COM has conducted a major Sizing and Measurements Study during autumn 2023, focusing on the way sustainable fashion brands indicate sizes, the range of sizes, size weighting, and the representation of the product catalog. We will leverage the findings from the sizing research to inform and collaborate with our partner brands.

IVALO.COM's objectives include adding diversity to the conventional fashion catalog. We stand for all types of bodies. Every individual has the right to be heard, to find their own sustainable clothes and to enjoy dressing up.

At IVALO.COM, we want to offer an inclusive service. The world needs an online store that also offers quality, personalized, and sustainable plus fashion in one place. From that stylishly curated and sustainably validated collection, the customer should be able to choose freely.

Discover the best brands for sustainable plus fashion

Take a look at the top-ranked brands of the IVALO.COM Sizing and Measurement Study below:

1. Aarrelabel

Plus fashion Aarrelabel

Family-run Finnish brand Aarrelabel offers its users stress-free dressing. Aarrelabel is a family-owned and operated clothing brand that aims to create your favorite clothes that make you feel good about yourself.

Aarre strives to design and manufacture clothes for people of all sizes. Aarre wardrobe belongs to everyone.

Aarre's cheerful colors and open-minded design are meant to be shared. Couples, families, and friends can enjoy their Aarre-treasures together, regardless of age or gender.

During our Sizing and Measurements Study in autumn 2023, Aarrelabel had five plus sizes in its range. Sizes: EU46 - EU54.

2. All Skinwear

Plus fashion All Skinwear

Barcelona-based All Skinwear breaks stereotypes, challenges gender norms, and takes a bold stand for unlimited gender expression.

The brand's Skinwear collection features seamless and comfortable garments that literally come to your skin. 

All Skinwear's ideology is to serve individuality including different body types - as a matter of course. 

During the Sizing and Measurements study in autumn 2023, All Skinwear had five plus sizes in its range. Sizes: EU46 - EU54.

3. Kaiko

Plus fashion Kaiko

Kaiko is a beloved Finnish women's and children's clothing brand that donates a portion of its profits to the education of women in poor countries.

Known for its social responsibility, Kaiko honors people also with its collection. When you choose the beautiful and comfortable Kaiko, you are voting for a world with more solidarity.

During the Sizing and Measurements Study in autumn 2023, Kaiko had five plus sizes in its range. Sizes: EU46 - EU54.

4. RIVA Clothing

Plus fashion RIVA Clothing

Finnish designers Riku and Eeva want their clothing brand to offer affordable, sustainable clothing that people actually wear.

RIVA Clothing, the new super favorite for everyday wear, also scores points for its size offering. 

During the Sizing and Measurements Study in autumn 2023, RIVA Clothing had five plus sizes in its range. Sizes: EU46 - EU54.

5. Studio Heijne

Plus fashion Studio Heijne

Stockholm-based Studio Heijne is the perfect brand for everyone - including those looking for plus sizes.

The brand's stunning creations represent personal fashion for office and special occasions.

During the Sizing and Measurements Study in autumn 2023, Studio Heijne had five plus sizes in its range. Sizes: EU46 - EU54.

6. Very Nice

Plus fashion Very Nice

Very Nice is a sustainable Finnish local producer of women's jeans for all body shapes and types.

Very Nice is particularly skilled in taking into account the characteristics required by different body types, as well as feminine curves and shapes.

Thanks to skilled craftsmanship, long experience, and precise production, it is possible to find jeans that both fit beautifully and feel comfortable. 

During the Sizing and Measurements Study in autumn 2023, Very Nice had eight plus sizes in its range. Sizes: EU46 - EU60.


Plus fashion YO ZEN

YO ZEN is a Finnish brand that creates stylish clothing for women who appreciate fashion they can enjoy with pleasure.

YO ZEN's clothes always get compliments on their wearers and therefore bring a touch more courage to them.

With its designs, YO ZEN wants to remind people of the uniqueness of nature, the richness of diversity, and how wonderful everyone is in their own right. When the garment fits, everyone is beautiful and stunning in their own size and as they are.

During the Sizing and Measurements Study in autumn 2023, YO ZEN had seven plus sizes in its range. Sizes: EU46 - EU58.

8. Papu Design

Plus fashion Papu Design

For more than 10 years, Finnish clothing sustainability pioneer Papu Design has been offering playful, bold, personal, and high-quality fashion to its users.

Papu's collection includes a whole wardrobe and more: from everyday casual wear to outdoor wear, there's a variety of designs, colors, and patterns to choose from. 

Papu Design has been bringing positivity and happiness to people's everyday lives with its inspiring designs for a long time. Papu clothing is for everyone - and for every moment. The brand's sizing is relaxed.

During the Sizing and Measurements Study in autumn 2023, Papu had two plus sizes in its range. Sizes: EU46 - EU48.

9. Mainio

Plus fashion Mainio

Finnish Mainio is known for its colorful designs for women and children.

Mainio is a compassionate and gentle adventurer who encourages everyone to inspire others, break boundaries when necessary, and defy stereotypes.

Mainio is GOTS-certified and uses double sizes in their clothing. The idea is to have plenty of uses and the longest possible lifespan for the clothing.

During the Sizing and Measurements Study in autumn 2023, Mainio had four plus sizes in its range. Sizes: EU46 - EU52.

Discover also these brands

Plus fashion - Understatement & Voglia

Check out the size-inclusive Tam Silk from Tampere and discover their lovely merino silk. Tam Silk had eight plus sizes in its range during the Sizing and Measurements Study in autumn 2023. Sizes: EU46 - EU60.

Népra is a Finnish sportswear brand with wonderfully fitting and comfortable clothes for both home and gym. During the Sizing Study in autumn 2023, Népra had five plus sizes in its range. Sizes: EU46 - EU54.

As it rains all year round, take a peek at our favorite Rainkiss one-size wonder. The designer rain poncho adapts perfectly to protect people of all sizes - from smaller sizes up to size 52.

Swedish Stockings and Understatement sell socks and underwear. During the Sizing Study, Swedish Stockings had four plus sizes in its range. Sizes: EU46 - EU52. Understatement had two plus sizes, EU46 and EU48.

For those who appreciate classic Finnish design, check out the durable and forever stylish womenswear from Falla Finland and Voglia. During the Sizing and Measurements Study in autumn 2023, Falla Finland had two plus sizes in its range. Sizes: EU46 - EU48. Voglia had three plus sizes in its range. Sizes: EU46 - EU50.

Here you can find a collection of all the brands at IVALO.COM offering plus size clothes for women.

Other things to note from the Sizing and Measurements Study

Plus size fashion

IVALO.COM's Sizing and Measurements Study has been carried out by comparing the brands' customer body measurement chart (centimeters) with the official Finnish women's clothing measurement chart N-2001.

IVALO.COM recommends choosing a size based on centimeters when shopping online, as other sizes are mainly indicative. Letter sizes vary widely between brands. The number sizes also vary depending on the country.

Size availability may vary depending on the brand's stock. You can subscribe to receive an email notification if your size is out of stock. You will be notified when the product in the size you want is back in stock.

According to the Sizing Study made in 2023, about 20% of IVALO.COM brands offer plus sizes starting from size 46 (bust 104 cm, hips 112 cm).