Guide for choosing the right pants for you

How to choose the right pants - the favorites of a sustainable wardrobe

Where can you find women's pants to suit your body shape? Durable, affordable, comfortable, suitable for work, and up-to-date?

Discover IVALO.COM's selection of different pants models, our best tips for finding the perfect fit for your body type, and our best recommendations for sustainable pants.

Pants are a wardrobe essential, especially during the chillier seasons. Pants are an essential part of your wardrobe and should be chosen with care.

Here's a list of sustainable pants for stylish autumn:

1. Culottes - pants for petite



IVALO.COM's most popular pant model is culottes. Their convenience and versatility have made them the most sought-after pant model in recent years.

Slightly cropped and wide-legged, culottes are still the star of this autumn's wardrobe.

Culottes are easy to pair with a t-shirt, knit, or sweater on weekdays. They go equally well with weatherproof leather shoes, fancy party shoes, or retro sneakers.

With a festive blouse, a fancy top, or sharp collars, culottes can be transformed into a more formal occasion or party.


For those seeking for comfort, efficiency, and ease. Culottes are trendy and functional pants that you can slip on every day without a second thought.

Culottes are perfect for a variety of body types. If you are petite, the cropped length makes your legs look longer.


One of IVALO.COM's best-selling pant styles is Kaiko Everyday Culottes. Kaiko's stretchy culottes are comfortable, yet very chic and sophisticated.

In addition to Kaiko, IVALO.COM favorites in this model are the Alex culottes by Aarrelabel.

2. Wide-leg pants for the trendsetter

Wide-leg pants


Top-to-bottom wide-leg trousers are very trendy at the moment.

The trendiest wide pants are long and super wide. The legs reach below the ankles and wide-leg pants are now worn with chunky shoes or sneakers - although heels will do just as well.

This autumn, you can choose your wide-leg pants as jeans, printed trousers, sweatpants or flares.


For the bold and fashionable! Wide-leg pant are also suitable for festive styles. You can pair them with a snug turtleneck, a short cardigan, a crop top or a sensual bodysuit.

The wide style is also comfortable, as the pants don't pinch anywhere. The waist can also be loose.


Stockholm-based Residus makes contemporary trouser designs from sustainable eco-materials.

Residus is one of IVALO.COM's best-selling pant brands. The wide range features our team's favorite pants, Leia and Lottie.

Brown color is hot a the moment and you can find it in this wide-leg fit from Finnish brand RIVA. RIVA's wide trousers come in a delicious shade of coffee.

3. Flared pants for the pear-shaped body

Flared pants


The flare pant model widens out towards the legs. The pants that flare at the ankles are also known as bootcut.

Many associate flare pants with the decades gone by. Surprisingly, perhaps, the 70s leg looks good on many people.

This autumn, there is a plentiful selection of flare pants available. Jazz pants made from athletic materials are particularly in fashion, a kind of flare version of leggings or joggers.

The flare design also adds style and edge to comfortable leisure pants.


The flare pants will flatter most people, so feel free to give them a try. They add length to the legs, lightening heavy hips and calves.

The flared cut also balances the proportions of the body.


Lulu pants from Residus are a stunning modern flare pant. Lulu has a comfortable high waist and a slightly cropped fit.

Residus' thick jersey fabric feels super comfortable and lasts through washes.

4. Carrot pants for the slim ones

Carrot pants


Carrot pants refer to pants that have a narrow waistline and are loose at the hips and thighs and taper downwards at the ankles. Carrot pants accentuate the body beautifully.

Carrot pants often have a high waist. They can be worn as part of a stylish office outfit, for example, combined with a turtleneck, t-shirt, or a button-up shirt tucked in.


Carrot pants are flattering for the slim and curve-free user. They give volume and shape to the hips and flatter the slim waist.

The carrot design is classically stylish, so it's worth adding to your capsule wardrobe. These pants will serve the one looking for office staples as well.


Enteliér from Poland is a master of timeless feminine style. The brand's sustainable workwear collection is full of lovely colors and sophisticated designs that can be paired as a pant suit with a blazer, as well as with more casual tops.

Check out Enteliér's Cigarette pants, classic ⅞-length pants with a zipper and lightweight creases in the front.

Another superstar is Residus' sharp but comfy Lee pants.

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