Summer on the skin – what material are your clothes made of?

During the last decade, people have become more and more aware of the materials they use to wear. This is a positive thing because the awareness of consumers forces the clothing manufacturers to invest in the quality and nature-friendliness of their products.

If you are interested in the materials of clothes, take a look at the material page at IVALO.COM for more precise info about the ethics and environmental effects of the materials used.

The sustainability framework by IVALO.COM provides for sustainable fashion ensures that all the products in our online store are designed keeping an eye on the top-quality, long lifespan, and a controlled origin of materials.

Choose sustainable natural fibers for your summer look

Summer and the beauty of nature go hand in hand, so the natural materials become even more topical. Your skin will love breathable and lightweight fibers such as cotton, silk, and linen.

The most used and familiar traditional natural fiber is cotton. Anyhow, the cultivation of cotton requires a lot of water and harmful fertilizers and pesticides. There are more nature-friendly alternatives, such as organic cotton, lyocell (TENCEL™), and recycled fibers.

IVALO.COM presents Residus from Stockholm, with loads of clothes made of lovely organic cotton and lyocell. The organic cotton of Residus carries a GOTS -certificate. Also, the Finnish Kaiko invests in high-quality organic cotton.

The cotton fiber used by Residus is grown without any poisonous chemicals or gene manipulation. The organic cotton produced by the brand doesn’t harm the soil in any way and saves up to 88% water and 62% energy compared to traditional cultivation. Residus takes care of their workers too and makes sure their working conditions are humane.

Fresh and cool lyocell

Lyocell (TENCEL™) is one of the innovative natural fibers perfect for summer clothing – it’s made of sustainably grown eucalyptus. The trees grow fast without any pesticides, fertilizers, or irrigation.

Lyocell is a biodegradable fiber that feels soft and comfortably cool to wear and doesn’t wrinkle even when the going gets sweaty. The surface looks nice with the subtle shine it naturally has. Lyocell is quite durable due to its manufacturing methods; for example, it’s twice as durable as rayon.

The trendy linen and bamboo

Linen is one of the more ecological alternatives to traditional cotton. Besides the nature-friendliness, linen is also popular because of the naturally rough look it has. It’s a strong, durable, and breathable fiber easy to cultivate; it doesn’t require big amounts of water, pesticides, or fertilizers to grow. It can also be grown in soil not so rich in nutrients.

Feminine, authentic linen clothes can be found from the selection of Neu Nomads. The brand also presents interesting lyocell products. Karen Wood wants to produce beautiful clothing with minimized environmental impact. After years of work in the traditional fashion industry, Karen decided to change the fabrics, dyes, and production methods she had seen. This interest brought to life Neu Nomads – all the textiles of the brand are nature-friendly and free of harmful substances.

From modified fibers, you can choose for example bamboo. It’s a lovely, silky fiber that will make your summer clothes feel fantastic on your skin. It grows fast without fertilizers or pesticides. Nevertheless, a relatively large amount of energy and chemicals are used in the production process of bamboo viscose.

You can find awesome bamboo clothes from the collections of f.ex. the Finnish sustainable men’s fashion brand Frenn, the British sustainability pioneer Komodo, and one of the bright fashion stars at IVALO.COM – August, a design brand from Tallinn, Estonia.

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