Interested in compression? – 5 reasons to choose Pressio sports clothing

True trainers turn their eyes on Pressio, the new sports clothing brand now at IVALO.COM. The technical smart materials used by Pressio are born to bring ecological sports gear to the next level.

Compression by Pressio practically means gradual light support the piece of clothing gives you while moving. Compression provides various benefits during and after the performance.


Who is it for especially, and why should I use compression clothing?

1. Do you spend a lot of time on your feet? People who stand while working get some help for swelling and pain. Gradual compression activates blood circulation and enhances metabolism.

2. Do you have muscle pains? Compression helps reduce discomfort and muscle tremors by supporting your muscles during your performance. This leads to less muscle pain afterwards.

3. Do you want comfortable training clothes? The compression clothes by Pressio fit like a glove – they won’t move or roll during your performance. They also shape your body and look stylish.

4. Are you into goal-oriented workout? You can speed up your recovery with Pressio. Compression enhances your metabolism already while you’re training and helps your muscles recover faster.

5. Do you like extreme sports? Compression helps body control and supports your moves. The clothing by Pressio strengthens your coordination and prevents minor muscle injuries.


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