8 fashion trends for 2021

8 fashion trends for 2021

There is hope, sunshine, and faith in the air. The colors feature a full sorbet table setting and an irresistible sky blue. Natural materials, recycled materials, softness and volume are dialing up. The circular economy and zero waste are here to stay.

Illuminating yellow and Ultimate Grey

Ultimate Grey, Illuminating Yellow, and Pastel Sky

The famous color house Pantone has chosen Ultimate Grey and Illuminating Yellow as the colors of the year. With this pair of tones, Pantone wants to create an optimistic approach towards sunshiny tomorrow.

The colors bring a message of strength and positivity, as they are simultaneously durable and uplifting. Bright, joyful, lively, and warm yellow leans on classical grey that symbolizes firm, reliable, and eternal elements.

From pastel shades, topical sky blue still holds it’s ground as a trend in clothing, decor, and make-up also this year.

Pastel sky blue blazer

Full Sorbet

Raspberry sorbet and mint dress

It looks like 2021 brings a new intensity to the soft pastel shades. Pink takes a step towards a bit darker raspberry, peach turns more apricot, and mint green gets a couple of doses mintier. 

Also the heady orchid lilac, fiery orange, and magnificent blue indigo are taking over the catwalks. The strong shades ooze light and radiance.


Silk blouse and cotton

Airiness, lightness, ethericity, and natural materials represent the power of ecology and simplicity.

Linen, wool, silk, and organic cotton are popular now. Wood fibers such as Tencel and bamboo alongside various recycled materials engage attention. A circular economy and zero waste are in.

Repairing and taking care of garments is valued again – it’s time to use the good old clothes brush!

Bubble Gum

Miia Halmesmaa Lush mekko pinkki

Soft and round shapes are coming back at full tilt, which is visible in the fashion of clothes and accessories. 

Bubble Gum bursts with joy, femininity, ruffles, puffy sleeves, and abundant hems. Pampering and delicious underwear are also making a renaissance as a part of personal enjoyable clothing. 

Dreamy Knits

Ound knitwear and The Knotty Ones Preila cardigan

Now the knits of our dreams are sought for a long-lasting love affair. Chic and relaxed multipurpose sweaters are significant pieces of wise contemporary dressers’ capsule wardrobe. 

In long-living knits, we invest in high-quality authentic materials. The sweater of the year 2021 is soft-lined, rich, and handmade. 

The ones who appreciate benevolent craftmanship are turning their heads towards the master of dream knits – The Knotty Ones

Power Pants

Wide leg pants

Trousers, shirts, dresses, and skirts have proper volume this year. The most trendy pants are wide-legged all the way. If you hesitate to wear 30-centimeter wide legs, choose a loose balloon design or straight cut that gets wider on the way down.

The selection of pockets, chains, and belts is back as well. 

XL -shirts

Oversized T-shirt

Do you recall music videos from the ’90s? T-shirts, long-sleeved tees, checkered shirts and jackets, giant sweaters and hoodies – you name it. The bigger, the better.

Scandi style

Scandinavian style

Scandinavian brands with their timeless, simple elegance continue their surf on the cap of the wave. The return of classical northern design has been going on for years and doesn’t show any signs of subsiding.

If you are looking for clean-lined, modern, and domestic Scandi clothes – here is a top tip for you.

A new Finnish clothing brand Archetype presents solid pieces with super-quality materials and favorite cuts from season to season. A scandi-fashion lover will fall for Archetype’s choice of materials, fresh style, and easily combinable designs. You will hear from this brand for sure!