Stylish Swede and the new spring

Stylish Swede and the new spring

Many of the favorite brands of IVALO.COM come from the golden country of responsible fashion: Sweden. Relaxed and aesthetic Stockholm style is presented by Residus – the products are Scandinavian design with guaranteed responsibility and an honest price.

The ideology behind Residus’ production is to find high-quality leftover materials and manufacture relatively small batches of each collection. In the fashion industry, the production of materials forms 80% of the environmental impact. That’s why many ecological small brands utilize leftover fabrics from the mass industry.

Check the code 

Residus QR-code

In 2020, Residus launched an epic traceability concept for their clothes. In every product, there is a QR-code in the wash tag, and by reading the code the consumer will get information about the whole production chain of that particular piece. Residus wants to be very transparent about all details – where are the raw materials from, and where and by whom the products are made.

The spring essentials made of lovely Tencel 

Residus Tu Puff Sleeve Top

A good New Year’s resolution is to choose solely guaranteed responsible basic clothes for one’s wardrobe. Every small step towards a better world will add up into grand leaps!

The spring collection by Residus consists of topical Tencel products. Lyocell (generic term) aka Tencel (the official product name) is an environment-friendly material made of wood pulp. 

Tencel is made of eucalyptus pulp that comes from responsibly managed forests. The eucalyptus trees grow fast without pesticides, fertilizers, or irrigation. Like viscose, also lyocell is a biodegradable fiber.

Scandi basics x 3

Residus Tomasine turtleneck

The colors of Residus Tencel products are classical: ivory, beige, and black. Our favorite is Tomasine Turtleneck, which is definitely one of the must-have clothes of this spring. The trendy loose polo shirt is thin yet opaque, and very comfortable to wear.


Residus Luca

Short-sleeved Luca is a basic shirt with a trendy design that brings some extra to this piece. Luca comes with loose cuffs and a collar, and with the soft and thin sleeves, it’s perfect under a sweater or a blazer.


Residus Tu Puff Sleeve top

Tu is a luxury tee of the Residus’ spring – T-shirt with feminine sleeves and relaxed fit. The shirt is light to wear and easy to transform from casual to festive in a heartbeat. Our favorite color Tu comes in brown.