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Houdini is a top-quality fashion brand from Sweden presenting hats-off responsible products. The sports and outdoor clothing brand has developed innovative technical materials since 1993 and keeps evolving even better by each year.

Houdini suits any active mover and demanding sports lover – the happy customers include triathletes, mountaineers, and all kinds of adventurers and athletes. The high-quality comfort is however available to any of us. Houdini garments don't feel that bad on regular Sunday jog when it happens to be tested and approved by top athletes in extreme conditions.

3 reasons to switch to Houdini

Houdini sportswear

Houdini offers three main qualities you’d probably like to observe. Firstly 1) materials. The Swedes have generated revolutionary materials for fleece, Gore Tex, and warm undergarments, for example. 

The materials are ecological and ethical, which is not self-evident at all when it comes to sportswear. They also are top-quality comfortable to wear, keeping you happy and dry – plus delightfully light to pack and carry along.

Another thing to mention is 2) design. In sportswear, it’s usual that the colors and attention factors are bright, logos scream out and the fit is just so-so. Houdini is a stylish choice – the colors are timeless and sophisticated, spiced up with thoughtful topical seasonal tones. The design suits Scandinavian taste, being simple and secure. 

The third point that can’t be underlined enough is 3) responsibility. Few are those companies that take an attitude quite as positive as Houdini does towards responsibility. Environmental liability and the importance of business ethics are somehow enviably easy for Houdini, being so built-in and self-evident. 

The fundamental approach is seen in wide recyclability and the brand’s own personal service for repair, rental, recycling, and second-hand purchasing of the products.

Houdini bestsellers TOP5

#Fall In Parka – the jacket of your life

Houdini Fall In Parka

Staying warm has never felt so nice! Houdini Fall In Parka is a surprisingly lightweight winter jacket with the famous Houdini Primaloft®-padding and waterproof outer fabric. The classic long parka with a storm hood will keep you safe from nature’s powers in any weather. 

The most special feature about Houdini Fall In Parka is that the jacket is made of soft, silent, and durable recycled fabrics, giving you a feeling of comfort beyond comparison. Fall In Parka looks like a classic elegant parka jacket but is more lovely to wear than any of the ones you have tried on before.

Fall In Parka is padded with synthetic Primaloft® Silver Insulation Hi-Loft Eco stuffing. This lightweight padding is very breathable and has a high heat-to-weight ratio. It’s made of recycled and recyclable fibers that also function in wet conditions. The surface fabric is recycled clean and safe shell fabric named Houdini Atmos – and totally free of harmful fluorocarbons. 

The jacket is fully recyclable and Houdini asks you to return it to them when it has come to the end of its service for you. 

#Motion Pants – Houdini classic trousers

Houdini Motion Pants

One of the classic bestsellers of Houdini is the Motion Pants. They have been in Houdini selection for a decade now, and have been tested in almost any conditions imaginable. 

The brand itself calls the trousers a real multifunction tool. They are a combo of high weatherproof quality, breathability, thin lovely fit, and minimalistic design. The lightweight softshell is ideal for hiking, climbing, skiing, skating – you name it.

Eco Circle® Motion Comfortshell ™ fabric is a single layer softshell made in Japan. The fabric has a smooth, durable outer surface and a soft, comfortable inner side. It’s windproof and waterproof with fluorocarbon-free water repellent, made of 42% recycled fibers.

The pants are fully recyclable and Houdini asks you to return them when you no longer have use for them.

#Outright Houdi & Jacket – the better fleece

Houdini Outright Jacket

Microplastic dripping sweaty fleece clothes are history when you switch to Houdini Outright. You can choose your option with or without hood, both as excellent for all around the year use. 

Houdini believes they have found the world’s best lightweight fleece in their Polartec Power Stretch Pro Light -material. It has a smooth and durable nylon surface and a soft, comfortable inner feel.

Outright Houdi works as a middle layer or on its own. You can use it for any outdoor activities – cycling, running, skiing, apple picking, skateboarding, waiting for a bus, or enjoying a coffee break outside. 

#Power Houdi – the Houdini icon down the ages

Power Houdini

All you true outdoor people and winter athletes, now all ears.

The sturdier version of Houdini Outright fleece, Power Houdi, has remained practically unchanged since the launch in 2003.  The versatile functionality, timeless aesthetics, and durable quality have made it into a product that simply doesn’t need to be switched.

Power Houdi, the most iconic Houdini piece, is made of Polartec Power Stretch® Pro ™ -material. According to Houdini, it’s virtually forever lasting, warm, and super comfortable. The extended sleeve cuffs with thumbs keep your hands warm while the high collar and tight fit hood offer you comfort even in freezing weather.  

Houdini warns that their customers have become addicted to ​​Power Houdi – once you get to wear it, it’s so hard to take it off. Power Houdi is more than just a piece of clothing: it’s your companion for adventure, taking care of you for years and even decades!

#Accessories to make your life better

Houdini power wrist gaiters

IVALO.COM recommends that alongside the Houdini hall of fame you might wanna take a look at the brand’s multipurpose accessories. The headgear selection has many comfortable and nice-looking options, including special warmers made of top-quality materials.

Houdini has an ingenious system of precision clothing to help you target your needs without heating your whole body.  An excellent example is Knee Gaiters, a set of elastic knee warmers for light support with guaranteed warmth.

Knee warmers have proved in tests to be an obligatory comfort device for winter runners, bikers, and skiers. On a cold winter day, you can slip them under your jeans or office trousers as well if you are not a big fan of long johns.

Please note that many of the Houdini classics offer versions for men and women separately in the online store.

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