Touched by FRISUR – our muse from Berlin

Frisur is a fresh breath from Berlin and a creative playground of Thies Meyer and Stephan Sunder‐Plassmann. The friends believe in the touch and skin sensation of clothes – most of our skin is covered by fabrics all the time, and these designers want to invest in the best possible touch experience given by clothes.

Frisur shirts

Meyer and Sunder-Plassmann have dedicated their time to explore the sensual diversity of materials. They choose their fabrics and design their cuts and seams very consciously from this point of view. In principle, Frisur is making it enjoyable for us to get dressed, and thus one of the favorite brands of the IVALO.COM team. ”Perceive by touch!”

A self-conscious cosmopolitan

Frisur men blazer and women polo

Frisur, by the style, is clearly metropolitan. Imagine yourself walking down a street in central Berlin, or into a busy lunch café in Wien, or a bookshop in Paris… you start to get the idea. Frisur is a unique mix of charisma, anonymity, and the classic old-world charm with a modern twist.

The colors of Frisur are low-key and down-to-earth – the selection consists of timely spice tones alongside ageless, “colorless” shades. Elegant shirts, blazers, and trousers are accompanied by sophisticated tops and dresses, unique jumpsuits, and interesting sweaters.

Frisur takes responsible fashion very seriously and approaches the theme with openness. Meyer and Sunder-Plassmann alienate all black-and-white thinking, and X-ray right through their whole production chain. They want to inform the consumers about the responsibility features of each and every piece of clothing they produce, so that we can make our choices of purchase staying true to our values and certitudes. 

Frisur bestsellers at IVALO.COM

Frisur pants

The most popular Frisur products at IVALO.COM are T-shirts and turtlenecks. Both categories are full of lovely tones, and the shirts are super comfortable to wear because of the smooth skin sensation. 

 Frisur is very popular amongst men – the high-quality shirts and light-feel blazers are stylish and durable. The unique look and hand-picked materials lift the brand on a premium clothing level, still being quite wallet-friendly.

Frisur is absolutely pro in trousers too! The quality cotton trousers with plenty of pleasant tones are outstanding for both office and leisure outfits. 


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