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IVALO.COM warmly welcomes the girl power from Turku, Finland by Miia Halmesmaa to our store. Miia is especially known for her charming dresses – in Halmesmaa’s selection, you can find the right dress for all the memorable moments in your everyday life as well as any celebration.

We asked the designer Miia Halmesmaa for the latest news right before Christmas time, when she joined our IVALO.COM circle. What’s up with the fashion envoy of joy, femininity, and body positivity? This is the story she shares with us about her brand and clothing.

Clean cuts and hearty shapes

Miia Halmesmaa Lush Dress

”I like to combine and play with minimalistic clean cuts and hearty, generous shapes. Designing is like a creative game with different materials to me – it’s inspiring to see how the same piece becomes totally different by just switching the fabric. 

I value the comfort of my clothes very high. From my view, comfort can also include shiny surfaces, flowing hems, and bow ties. I design pieces to challenge the comfort status of college outfits. I hope my collection always becomes the favorite clothes of the new owner. “

The vocation

Miia Halmesmaa earrings

”Since I was a kid, I’ve been drawn to creativity and handcrafts. I found my strength in needlework with the assistance of my mother and grandma. Many of my dearest childhood memories include my mom's sewing room – the magical place of wonders, where all the most beautiful summer dresses came to the world – or the hands of my grandma, holding the never-stopping knitting needles whatever stories she was telling to me.”

”It was always clear to me that my aim was to become a fashion designer. I started my studies at Turku Fashion Academy, and finished at the Aalto University, becoming a Master of Arts in 2014.”

”Miia Halmesmaa -brand has existed almost for a decade now. A lot has happened during those years: international competitions, outfits for music stars full of attitude, expanding my know-how towards shoe design, steering a business for young designers in Helsinki, and several collections – of which I hope many are still the most loved pieces of my customers' wardrobes. ”

The top favorites Lush and Flirty

Miia Halmesmaa Flirty Dress

”An absolute favorite and a classic piece of all my selections is the Lush Dress. All my dresses have been brought to life by my urge to wear a beautiful, versatile, comfortable loose fit dress, that can be worn all year round. Lush comes along with each collection, always slightly renewed – the sleeve shape and the material of the dress vary from season to another.”

”My favorite piece is without a doubt the Flirty Dress. This is utter love for dresses, no kidding! In my wardrobe, there are many versions of this beauty, with all the different fabrics and prints. The winner nr.1 is a black viscose Flirty – in the summer I wear it with a kimono and sandals, and through winter time it’s paired with a sweater and boots.”

Miia Halmesmaa uses leftover materials of the textile industry

Miia Halmesmaa muhku pipo and mittens

”I love simple, clear cut comfort clothes with a detail or a catch that gives some unique personality to the piece. This can be seen in both my design and my personal wardrobe. 

I also value the ecology of clothes. I do my best to minimize the carbon footprint of my collections. This is why I primarily use the leftover materials of the textile industry, and it creates the basis of my design. The premise is the material and the amount of it I have at hand, which I can’t decide – and I like to turn it into a positive attribute, as my collections mostly consist of unique pieces and small batches.”

Miia Halmesmaa’s full selection at IVALO.COM is here. Besides the dresses, the brand offers high quality knitted items and popular jewelry in the juicy strong colors Halmesmaa is known for.

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