The best of sustainable fashion in 2020

IVALO.COM wants to give the warmest thanks to all our customers and partners we have been honored to have this year. So much appreciation and a voluminous virtual hug to each and every one of you!

When the world changes

IVALO.COM wagon has speeded up in full throttle and we are not planning to hit the brakes in the future either. Finally, we can feel the sweet driving force of responsible clothing getting stronger. At IVALO.COM we’ve been making our journey towards this long-awaited momentum for a good while now. 

Small boutiques and startups with their grand visions are finally capable to speed up to the side and even past the bigger ones – this speaks loud about authenticity, integrity, genuineness, and perseverance. People want to support people instead of giant market powers.

Actions talk!

This unique year of Covid-19 has forced us all to stop and think. Scientists say the pandemic has led to permanent changes in consumer habits around the world. Amidst all of the difficulties, we humans tend to turn towards light, clarity, and the common good.

The brands that are for a bigger meaning of the public interest are clearly on the rise, sustainable development is a more serious matter now than ever. Value-based standards and individuality are highlighted, and people are ceasing to believe in empty phrases and greenwashing.

Responsible fashion provides answers to those who wish to reduce their environmental impact of everyday life and celebration – without compromising the joy and style. Life is short, but it’s wise to look for better options and take responsibility also on a collective scale. 

Responsible clothing and production processes are free of harmful chemicals and health-threatening substances. They are not depriving animals nor exploiting the workers in any part of the production chain.

In the end, choosing responsible clothing is rather easy. IVALO.COM together with Aalto University has developed a sustainability framework for sustainable fashion. The program ensures that all the brands at IVALO.COM:


  • know the origin of all the materials they use
  • give transparent and clear information about their products accountability situation to the customers
  • do not approve any use of fur, harmful chemicals, or child labor 
  • do not allow burning any products or dumping them in landfills


    The brands can collect extra points by taking accountability actions above the minimum standards, such as using recycled materials, defining the carbon print of products, and offering repair services.

    IVALO.COM top picks of 2020 – trophies, hit products, and tears of joy

    IVALO.COM lists the greatest delights, the brands repeating great deeds, and the products most loved by customers. Here are some glimpses of the greatness of the year 2020 at IVALO.COM!

    Ninepine Workharder 2.0#Workout pants that got out of hands

    The most awaited and successful launch in 2020 at IVALO.COM brought greetings from Stockholm. Ninepine presents excellent ecological workout clothes.

    Sport and outdoor clothing is a topical category for responsible fashion to bring wider selections, more innovations, and improvement. It’s crucial to have better options for plastic clothes.

    Kings of Indigo#Kings of Indigo denim

    This fresh and popular Dutch brand has researched and developed their eco denim for the last 17 years. Kings of Indigo presents probably the most reliable jeans in the world, and you can find quite a bunch of happy owners all around the world.

    Jeans production in the mass fashion industry is typically unecological. The clothing production with all the raw materials swallows huge amounts of water and uses a myriad of chemicals.

    Kings of Indigo denim is a real innovation concerning all of the phases down the production chain.  Their whole selection is PETA-approved (vegan), PP-free, and using 100% certified organic cotton. Kings of Indigo uses 100% verified production facilities with fair and safe working conditions and a guaranteed minimum wage for all the workers. 

    Nomen Nescio#The pioneer of unisex fashion

    The rising star of IVALO.COM is Nomen Nescio from Helsinki. Simultaneously timeless and silent, modern and angular – this curious combo of features in their design is tempting and interesting.

    Nomen Nescio produces seasonless, gender-neutral black clothing, aiming to present you with an effortless and ready-at-all-times wardrobe. The brand uses only sustainable materials and manufactures the products in our neighbour Estonia. 

    Swedish Stockings#Pippi Longstocking 2020

    Heja Heja! Eco-advanced Sweden is a huge responsible fashion trendsetter. As seen in Vogue 2020, the guru of eco socks, Swedish Stockings, brought their trendy world-saving socks to IVALO.COM.

    Swedish Stockings means circular economy socks: all the products are made of recycled materials, minimizing the carbon emissions and other waste and effluent in the production. They are made to last, and even after that, to be recycled once more. 

    Please be smart enough not to wear (or throw away, time and time again) the traditional oil-based virgin nylon stockings and socks – we promise you won’t miss them. It’s time for something better!

    The Knotty Ones#The Knotty Ones

    The Knotty Ones is a social enterprise employing artisans – mostly Lithuanian housewives. This brand's selection includes some of the most beautiful sweaters in the whole world, made as custom work. 

    The Knotty Ones custom knit industry guarantees a safe working environment, fair paychecks, and a possibility to take care of themselves and their families, for all the women even in the poor areas. 

    O My Bag#Hold my bag - while I change the world

    O My Bag was the most important accessories brand at IVALO.COM in 2020. This responsible bags brand from Amsterdam produces their simply elegant design of eco-leather in Kolkata, India.

    The India program of O My Bag promotes equality and women's potential for influence by countering poverty and exploitation.


    FRENN is a men’s clothing brand from Helsinki. They won an award for the Design Act of the Year earlier, and this year scored the top points in Rank a Brand 2020 report. 

    Eettisen kaupan puolesta ry (Eetti), a Finnish association supporting ethical trading, reports the accountability work and communication of Finnish fashion companies. FRENN scored full points in climate work, among other areas.

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