Billebeino - a non-Finnish success story from Finland

A famous Finnish street fashion brand Billebeino is inspired by sports, street influences, music, and arts. Billebeino clothes are simple and high-quality Scandinavian style mixed with a relaxed street style from the USA.

Billebeino produces unisex clothes for men, women, and kids. The brand’s best-known pieces are headgear like beanies and caps, alongside various hoodies, T-shirts, and sweaters. Billebeino utilizes recycled materials in their production and manufacturing processes. 

Billebeino allover hoodie and all over t-shirt

Courageous, creative fun business

A former professional ice hockey player Ville Leino and his friend Juhani Putkonen founded Billebeino in 2014. Ville Leino says the clothing brand started as a form of therapy for himself. Having fashion as a hobby and processing ideas of the designs, Ville got some necessary break from the stressful and goal-oriented professional sports life and the injuries that he suffered because of doing professional sports. The idea of Billebeino was formed during Ville’s convalescent time when he played in Buffalo Sabres.

Billebeino became a courageous and broad-minded success story. The company has grown fast ever since day one. Billebeino’s goal is to clothe not only Finnish customers but also grow bigger to reach the international ground. The brand uses the former top hockey star’s name, personality, and networks openly and with a good spirit. Billebeino’s business is creative and joyful – both the producers and the users of the clothes are enjoying the brand!

IVALO.COM asked both Ville Leino and Billebeino’s marketing chief Jekku Berglund what’s up.

Billebeino long hoodie

How are you, Billebeino?

”Very good, thank you! 

During the last year, we were working very hard inside the brand. At this point in the journey, we felt it’s super important to sharpen the core and purpose of Billebeino. Thereby we will commit even more strongly to everything we do and want to represent it, so the message will be clear throughout us.

Responsibility and ecology are greatly important values for Billebeino and we are focusing to do our best to nurture them. Billebeino will increase the responsibility work from season to season and invest in the practical work in that area. 

Inside-the-team culture is also in the core of Billebeino. The committed group spends such a big part of their days at work, that we just have to make it fun! It’s really important that people like to come to work, they enjoy what they do and feel good overall. 

Doing good. We are grateful for the success that Billebeino’s had so far, and we want to spread the joy and passion of work for everyone. So in return, we want to do some charity work where we see a good occasion for it.”

Billebeino hoodie

What’s best about Billebeino?

”We receive a lot of acknowledgment for the simple design of our products. The clean look and the comfort of use in all our clothes are important to our customers. 

We have our own Billebeino tribe that we treasure, naturally. A growing number of people have found Billebeino, which is awesome. It’s nice to see the clientele expanding from the tribe to all kinds of quality and comfort conscious dressers.

All of the Billebeino’s Classic- products are loved by our customers, and the biggest top sellers are certainly Billebeino Hoodie and Brick Cap.”

Billebeino variety sweater

What next, Billebeino?

” The past year 2020 was a peculiar year. By now it’s become clear to us that people want to enjoy their lives wearing relaxed and comfortable clothes. This will be seen in Billebeino’s products even more clearly from now on, especially concerning the fits and materials.”

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