Accessories for men – TOP5 gifts this Christmas

IVALO.COM sustainable fashion Christmas shop is full of individual high-quality gifts for men. This year, Finnish design is in high demand – people are clearly cheering for domesticity.

Besides clothing, male customers at IVALO.COM purchase a lot of bags and headgear such as beanies and caps.

What is your choice of accessories as a present to a man? Check out the Gift Shop tips here:

1. KUMIKO – A perfect eco-backpack

IVALO.COM bestsellers in men’s accessories are versatile backpacks. The demand for stylish bags has increased during the pandemic when people have favored biking and outdoor activities more than before.

A grand favorite of the Finnish brand LUMI and their New Normals collection is the smart and convertible Kumiko backpack. It comes with a selection of extras that enable four different ways of carrying; Kumiko transforms from backpack to messenger, shoulder bag, or hand-held briefcase. Many looks for various purposes!

New Normals collection is designed in collaboration with Microsoft and as you can see from the pockets of Kumiko, transportation of digital devices is well covered.

Space capacity of Kumiko makes it also a great weekender bag or a compact ergonomic suitcase to carry with you onboard a plane. Kumiko is made of 99% recycled materials.

LUMI Kumiko

2. LUHTAVILLA - Zero Waste Toilet Bag

The Finnish circular economy pioneer Globe Hope presents a black leather Luhtavilla Toilet Bag. Luhtavilla is a stylish high-quality cosmetics bag made of surplus leather and recycled military fabrics.

The bag has a metal zipper and a strap for carrying. Inside there’s a small pocket, too. Size of Luhtavilla is 31 x 20 cm.

By purchasing this item, you’ll donate 1,80€ for the work of the Finnish Association for Nature Conservation to protect and restore peatlands in Finland.


3. 634 Alpaca Hat – The new era of warmness

A modern man will love this gorgeous hat by the design studio Nomen Nescio from Helsinki. The alpaca wool will keep him warm in a windy city as well as in the snowy slopes.

The black color and minimalistic aesthetics are cornerstones in Nomen Nescio’s design. These effortless premium clothes are made in Europe in association with sustainable manufacturers.

The Alpaca hat is perfect for a style-conscious man who acknowledges the importance of accessories in his outfit. The small details in his personalized style are unique and worthy.

This hat is unisex and can be used together as a couple, too. A great present to share!

Nomen Nescio Alpaca Hat

4. JOHAN – Business Bag

This high-quality leather working bag by the Finnish LUMI is made to be a life-long partner. Johan is a handy, small black design that suits a teacher, an artist, and a businessman just as well.

The leather bag has a blue cotton twill lining. You can carry it on your shoulder or hold it by the handle. There are two separate zippered compartments; one is padded for your laptop, and the other includes an inner zipper pocket and a keyholder.

Johan is roomy enough for a 13” laptop, sized L38 x 28x S9 cm. The bag is handmade in Portugal.

Johan Business bag

5. PURE WASTE – Beanie & Scarf

The Finnish brand Pure Waste has been an active textile recycling pioneer ever since the year 2013.

Pure Waste wants to contribute to the environmental footprint of the entire clothing industry by directing it in a more ecological direction. Pure Waste products are perfect gifts to someone who supports a circular economy and zero waste politics.

IVALO.COM Gift Shop recommends the Pure Waste combination of Beanie & Scarf for everyone! You can buy them separated or as a set. These grey ribbed accessories feel soft and comfy – with zero itching. The double-layer knit warms you up even in colder weather.

The products are made of 100 % recycled raw materials – recycled cotton and reused plastic bottles.

 Pure waste beanie and scarf

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