Terhi Pölkki – The ecological shoes of your life

Just stop to think for a moment – how many hours of your life do you spend wearing shoes and how many steps are you taking in them?

Terhi Pölkki kengät

Proper shoes are an everyday luxury – the kind of shoes you don’t want to change, once you’ve first tried them on. Terhi Pölkki is an internationally recognized and a Finnish award-winning shoe designer, whose shoes every woman would deserve to wear.

Terhi Pölkkis style could be described as Scandinavian minimalism with an attitude. Pölkkis collections offer shoes which add that je ne sais quoi, that certain something, to your overall look, without forgetting the kind of comfort for your feet to fall in love to. The quality of Pölkkis footwear makes them durable and also easy to pair up with different styles and accessories.

The designer's high-quality leather shoes and sneakers are made in a small family-owned factory in Sao Joao da Madeira, Portugal.

IVALO.COM interviewed Terhi Pölkkis crew about the brand's products and their sustainability. Take a look at what they answered and fall in love, like we did!

What is the best part about Terhi Pölkkis shoes?

Terhi Pölkki Artur boots

”We manufacture shoes for usage. That is why we oversee that the fit, materials, and quality satisfy our definition of excellence as well as our customers' needs. Terhis craftsmanship can truly be understood throughout the whole manufacturing process. The shoes are not only beautiful and trendy but also practical.

Winter collections shoes are built to last in different types of weather conditions, no matter if it’s icy, raining, or snowing. Our customers appreciate the comfort, style, and durability of our footwear.“

What is your favorite product at the moment?

Terhi Pölkki eco sneaker

”At the moment, our favorite is the Phil Rewool -sneaker, which is a newcomer in the falls collection. The sneaker is made of 50% recycled wool, 30% polyester, and 20% wool. The shoe sole is true innovation – it is made of 70% natural rubber and 30% coffee beans! The insole is warm but breathable merino wool. This is what you call a perfect winter sneaker!”

Where do you find your inspiration and to which direction is your style heading to?

”We develop new collections using brand new, innovative materials. This can be seen especially in our upcoming products. Every year we produce footwear with the best structure and fit.

And stay tuned guys, because next year is going to be Terhi Pölkkis 10th-Year Anniversary, and there will be all kinds of exciting things to be revealed!”

What does sustainability mean to Terhi Pölkki?

Terhi Pölkki Kiia and Cairo shoes

”We aim for responsibility in all sectors of sustainable development. For us, it means that our products, materials, working conditions, and basically all of our operations are responsible. We use environmentally friendly materials, such as leather, and mostly vegetable-tanned leather. It is even more environment-friendly than regular leather.

We don’t use plastic at all in our packaging, and we ship our products by land. We also want to do our part in building a better economy by increasing jobs. We treat all of our employees and partners equally. For us, responsibility also means transparency. We aim to communicate as transparently as possible and we want to make good choices for our customers. Terhi chooses all materials herself by hand and visits the factory regularly. In collaboration with the factory, we aim to find new ecological materials for our collections without affecting the style. Sustainability also means long-lasting shoes for us, and that is why Terhi Pölkki manufactures beautiful, high-quality footwear which hopefully brings joy to their carrier for years and years to come.”

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