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Voglia was founded in 1983 by the grandfather of the Virtanen family. Pertti, the grandfather, had a vision in mind and that was to bring a piece of Italian chic to Finnish women to enjoy. The family business is now led by the third generation of the family, and it shows – just take a look at the fresh, new concept. The new Voglia has been welcomed with open arms and it has created a lot of buzz and curiosity.

Voglia in third generation

Despite the challenges that Covid-19 has created, Voglia has been able to showcase its new brand and collection to consumers in the year 2020. That is one of the reasons why everyone at Voglia can’t wait for the upcoming new year and the spring collection to arrive.

IVALO.COM interviewed Liisa Kainulainen, the Head of Sales at Voglia, who shared with us some of Voglia’s strong sides and visions.

Voglia equals outstanding tailoring

Voglia Amalia pants, Voglia Amanda jacket

“In the core of Voglia has always been tailoring. Our designs, crafted from woven materials, are finished with tailored detailing and Voglias vintage garments have an amazing quality to them – they look as new even after many years of use. They fit beautifully and their distinguished tailoring has a way of making them feel good, while also looking timeless.

We value our traditions and heritage in designing while heading towards the future at full speed. The best about our brand is in combining our traditions and new innovations. Voglia was born from a dream in 1983, and our history and experience gives a great starting point to our new way of doing things - from designing to customer service. 

Voglia has been taking great efforts in moving towards sustainability, and we are very happy with the results. Our renewed brand is an exciting process for all of us. Our new visuals inspire both, us and our customers. 

Our loyal customers adore the high quality and fit of our garments. Our timeless and new, fascinating look together with sustainability also attracts new customers to wear Voglia.”

Voglias style - Living with less

Voglia Annie Dress, Voglia Kristina shirt

”Voglias style is timeless, well put together, and also soft. 

The Nordic nature gives us constant inspiration and it’s also a substantial part of our vision. We also find inspiration in arts, urban culture, music, and everyday life, last but not least. 

We aim to create garments where functionality, style, and fit all come together effortlessly. 

Our high-quality materials and detailing complete each other very well. Our collections are designed for adults of all ages, saluting the beautiful diversity of different body shapes. 

Our spring collection of 2021 has taken inspiration from a theme called ”Living with less” which celebrates the beauty found in simplicity and clarity.”

And what about our bestsellers?

Voglia Coco jacket

The Coco -jacketThe pattern of the jacket is called ”Merihelmi”, ”The Sea pearl” – and it has been manufactured in a limited amount of 200 pieces. Every single item is numbered, and the fabric and the filling of the jacket are made of recycled PET-bottles.

”It is like a collection of graphic designed art - but in a wearable form”, explains our designers Paula Polkumaa and Salla-Maaria Syvänen. This garment is a great example of the collaboration of our new design duo. The jacket with its practical detailing is designed by head designer Polkumaa and the pattern is created by Syvänen.
The Loviisa -knit This knit is designed in Finland, and because our customers wish it is our command, it is already the third time we included it in our collection. This knit is easy to pair up with any kind of bottom, but it’s still luxurious at the same time. The material is easy to be maintained, and it doesn't itch.

The Annie -dressThis knitted dress has a “Merihelmi” pattern, and it is easy to be styled in many ways – fitting or loose. You can wear it at least in five different ways! It feels amazing – the material is heavily layered 100% rayon. The design is a true master’s work, as it looks great in all sizes.

Amalia -pants and Amanda -blazer: This ensemble is very versatile. The material has 50% wool, so it’s the perfect choice for even chillier days.

Kristina -shirt: This is a Voglia's classic, which is the foundation of every woman's wardrobe. Available in basic colors and also in seasonal colors during collections. The design gives a certain timelessness to the garment and the material allows it to be paired with a more festive bottom, for example with our Elena -taffeta skirt.

Annabella-, Annika- and Daily -pants: These knitted pants give a new dimension to staying at home! They are extremely comfortable, but the material and the design makes them also wearable in public. The perfect answer when you’re not sure what to wear during festivities or when working from home.

Claire, Clara & Cassie – merino wool knit set: The number one knit set for winter made of wonderfully soft knit. Available in caffe latte color, made in Lithuania (the thread is Italian)

Voglias sustainability – a natural part of all of our doing

Loviisa knit and Clara pants

”Sustainability comes naturally to us and it also comes from within. Voglia has always invested in the quality of our garments. Sustainability is a long-term developing plan for us, and it is where we want to constantly challenge ourselves. We have done a lot already, but we are never ready as we keep moving forward. One of our main values in all communication is honesty and openness. Our goal is to increase the understanding of the importance of ethical and ecological life choices. 

About 80% of our garments are made at our own factories in Estonia. 19% we produce elsewhere because some of our garments require special manufacturing, materials, and machinery, that our factories don’t carry. 74% of our fabrics are made in Europe and 26% outside Europe.

In choosing materials, we prefer options that carry sustainability certificates, such as Öko-Tex Standard 100. If we are not able to locate the right kind of certified option, we select the materials from manufacturers, with whom we collaborate in audited, long-term ways.

Also, the timelessness of our collections is a part of our sustainable thinking. A garment which is well made from the right materials is loved by its user and therefore serves them for a long time. We are also very passionate about maintaining and taking care of loved items, and we are always happy to advise our customers in maintaining their beloved garments in the best possible shape.

We are in the constant process of creating better and more developed collections, where sustainability is a natural part of the beauty and the definition of feeling good.


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