A tablecloth turns into a design shirt – TAUKO is a master of new fashion and circular economy

The name of TAUKO -design brand from Helsinki is like a promise in itself. A break. A beautiful, peaceful moment, when you can breathe and just be.

TAUKO’s identity resembles its name a lot. TAUKO is stripped of all vanity, with a powerful meaning and contents. Behind the origin of TAUKO lies an awarded circular economy with a production concept that all responsible fashion lovers should take a look at.

Kindness, authenticity, integrity

Tauko Aurelia dress and Lucy pants

The founders of TAUKO, Kaisa and Mila, tell us more about the brand name: the word TAUKO stems from an old fishing method, where the dragnet is pulled up so quietly and slowly it’s almost impossible to notice. 

This slow but sure and persistent movement reflects the way their company operates. Kaisa and Mila believe in kindness, authenticity, and integrity. Their goal is to make responsibly produced, beautiful items for long-lasting use.

Prize circular economy 

Aurelia maxi dress

TAUKO clothes are mostly (80%) produced of textiles discarded by the Finnish and German textile rental companies. Thus the main materials of TAUKO pieces are cotton and cotton-polyester, which both are strong, durable, and easy to care for. The collections are conjured up from recycled textiles of hotels, restaurants, and hospitals – that means your charming design shirt might have had a previous life as a tablecloth or a hospital bedsheet!

Reusing rental textiles doubles up the lifespan of already produced materials and radically decreases the need for new production. It also decreases the carbon dioxide emissions generated by burning old textiles. 

In March 2019 British Council awarded the production concept of TAUKO with the Sustainability makers -prize. There were 80 nominees – all European design and fashion companies. Besides the local reused textiles, TAUKO also utilizes some new and innovative materials, such as polyester made of old plastic bottles and plastic waste collected from oceans.

Modern art, strong cuts, and prominent details

TAUKO clothes manifest their designers’ passion for modern art and culture, as well as ethical and ecological values. In the core of design are visibly strong cuts and beautiful, well-functioning details.

In the collections, the permanent TAUKO classics get accompanied by some new seasonal styles. Continuous work in research and development of responsible textiles also reflects into the evolution of collections. 

Most of the TAUKO collection items are manufactured in an Estonian family business that employs 12 members. The collaboration is based on mutual respectfulness and appreciation of the work. Besides the Estonian company, some of TAUKO clothes are produced by a Finnish sewing company Kutomo Holopainen.

3 x TAUKO bestsellers

Tauko hug quilted hat and Lucy pants

1. Luce Trousers - coal black

Smart and stylish trousers for every occasion. Asymmetrical broad-legged trousers with side pockets. Sewn by an Estonian family company, reusing textiles discarded by Finnish textile rental services.

2. Aurelia Maxi Dress - coal black

These sleeves are coveted and loved! A splashy maxi dress with lining, side pockets, and a detachable belt is something you have to feel and see on yourself. Responsibly produced and eco-friendly. Sewn by an Estonian family company, reusing textiles discarded by Finnish textile rental services.

3. Hug Quilted Hat - burgundy

TAUKO hit product for the winter! Burgundy colored eco quilted hat with a side pocket. Sustainable design: made of Finnish reused rental textiles. The lining and pad are made of recycled plastic bottles and plastic waste collected from oceans. 

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