Lovanna - underwear for nature, health, and self-esteem

Lovanna - underwear for nature, health, and self-esteem

Lovanna Lingerie is a sustainable underwear brand from Finland with an ambition to make an aesthetic design with a comfortable fit. Lovanna uses Öko-Tex Standard 100 -certified materials to make sure that their products are non-toxic and safe to wear on the skin.

IVALO.COM asked the founder of Lovanna, Maria Kinnunen, what should we as responsible consumers know about the brand.

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Certified sustainability

”For Lovanna, sustainability means well-considered choices that contribute to ecological durability and safe working conditions. Lovanna also wants to support the forming of female self-esteem and underline the beauty, uniqueness, and value of each and every body.

We choose the most ecological materials available for our products. We favor for example recycled fibers, organic materials, and EU production that is quite strict in its environmental legislation. Favoring production inside the EU also reduces the risk of human rights violations in the production chain.  

The Öko-Tex Standard 100 -certified materials we use are free of any harmful chemicals – both the workers and the consumers are safe from such toxic substances. 

Using organic cotton helps the cotton farmers to avoid contact with any pesticides and insecticides that might cause health problems.”

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Customer feedback about Lovanna

”What I love the most about Lovanna products is comfort, beauty, and ecology. The best thing about the brand itself is changing our beauty concept and offering lovely products to all bodies, in all shapes and sizes.  

Our customers have especially loved the softness of our line Glow, and the Eve Bralette that gives support even to a bigger bust. We also get positive feedback about the versatility of our models and collection pics.

The biggest reasons to purchase Lovanna are sustainability, comfort, and domesticity of the brand.”

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Lovanna product tips

The bestsellers

The high-waisted panties of the Glow-line feel soft and comfortable. It’s high but sexy at the same time and works brilliantly in all sizes between 36-46.

Eve Bralette suits most shapes and has better support than regular bralettes. The fastening in the back is extra beautiful. 

Much loved and sold

Glow Bralette is a super comfy, soft, and lightweight bralette, according to the customer feedback. It’s perfect for everyday life – telecommuting, sleeping, or taking it easy at home.


Glow Strings. Many women avoid strings, but these are the most comfortable panties that Lovanna knows. Soft and thin material feels light on the skin without rubbing or sweating, and the high cut makes the panties fit perfectly without pressing in the crotch. 

There’s a mechanism on the waist that allows you to tighten the panties to the exact fit you like, and the metallic rings make it easier to find the right height on the waistline.

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The diversity of human bodies as art

”Lovanna design is inspired by the diverse forms of bodies and softly following them, the basic tones of various skin types, comfort, and elegance.

In the future selection we will continue to emphasize the comfortable bralette sets, but even more reduced and simplified. In the new design, there will be less lace and even more smooth materials.

Lovanna got a lot of participants in the model search announced on Instagram. Thus the brand has gotten an even greater chance to visibly bring out the positive message of diversity.

Lovanna wants to broaden the view and understanding of the beauty of different types of bodies. We want to encourage our customers to enjoy their lingerie and to appreciate their bodies just as they are.  

We will collaborate in the near future for example with a transgender influencer, to help bring visibility to diverse forms of humanity and the beauty of them all. The idea is to give an even clearer message that every customer is warm-heartedly welcome to receive high-quality customer service, and have the right to be seen as they are."