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When the first signs of the upcoming summer are sneaking around us, shoes become a topical piece of our outfits. Slipping our feet into something more summery is one of the rites of passage into a new season.

Summer shoes invite us to enjoy the warmth and give some light and freedom to show our legs and toes,bringing the feeling that summer has begun!

Congratulations, Finnish design 

A modern Finnish shoe brand Terhi Pölkki celebrates their 10th anniversary this year. Terhi Pölkki has opened a new beautiful store at Uudenmaankatu, Helsinki in the beginning of 2021.

Despite the ongoing corona distress, high quality shoes are living the high season they deserve. The timeless design, sustainability, ecology and Northern aesthetics are topical themes of fashion today.

Salute Sisterhood – the jubilee collection for spring/summer

The brand new Terhi Pölkki collection Salute Sisterhood is inspired by the love sisters share. As we know, our siblings are always near even when not in sight. Just like our favourite shoes they are so comfortable you don’t even notice wearing them, but they give you all the support and protection you need on the rocky roads of life.

Back to the roots, back to the nature

The birthday selection Salute Sisterhood takes all the shoe freaks and Terhi Pölkki fans ten years back in time, when the brand was born. Terhi wanted to use natural undyed leather in this summer selection; the same material she originally started with.

Salute Sisterhood presents a gentle palette of honey, cream, khaki, brown, and strawberry tones. The color world is a tribute to nature, that has provided us so much joy and comfort in these difficult times and shown how inspiring it can be in all the genuine colors of mother Earth.

Easy-going elegance

In the core of Terhi Pölkki summer collection is an easy elegance. Walking in her top-quality shoes, you feel comfy and stylish at the same time, from morning to evening and from evening to morning. Wearing beautiful shoes doesn’t have to bring pain and blisters. 

Terhi Pölkki relies on the traditional Portuguese shoemaker skills. She has collaborated a long time with the same people she has stated truly mastering their art. The whole selection is manufactured in a small family-owned factory in Sao Joao da Madeira, Portugal.

Terhi Pölkki summer collection is full of easy wedge-heel shoes, soft ballerinas, and stunning clogs. Also the sustainable sneakers are here to stay. You can find them in two different styles and three different colors: white, khaki and black. The heels of the sneakers are a mix of 100% natural rubber and coffee beans, making them both durable and fully biodegradable. 


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