From heels to sweatpants – and what else happened to clothing?

Covid19-pandemic and the restrictions it brought upon traveling, moving and working, has had a huge impact on how people live and consume everywhere in the world.

What happened to fashion and clothing when the world stopped? Flights were cancelled, restaurants and cafés closed, evening parties forbidden and offices moved to our homes.

From working uniforms to loungewear

On the contrary to the proclamation made by some unforgettable French fashion designers, sweatpants came and took over the streets, homes and catwalks. Even though blazers are the hottest trend of this summer, an undeniable fact is that the most consumed piece of clothing this year in about EVERY household has been sweatpants.

The cosy and secure choice is traditional soft college. You can choose a topical tapered cut with the legs narrowing downwards to get some variance.

The lovely and necessary comfort clothes of this strange covid time have been also oversized tees, warm knits, comfy hoodies, shorts, leggings, and jumpsuits. There has been a notable investment into underwear as well.

IVALO.COM favourites are for example Ninepine sweatsets and the shorts-tees-sets from Understatement.

Eco is IN

While the future seems insecure and unpredictable, the meaning of small, simple things grows more appreciated.

During the pandemic, people have started to pay more attention to health, wellness and peace of mind. Covid has also accelerated climate anxiety and raised discussion about the urgent need of a new, better value base.

The journey of sustainable fashion has just begun, but we can be 100% sure that it’s role will become bigger in the future of clothing. People want to consume responsibly with solidarity -- and without exploitation, suffering, or the senseless environmental stress caused by the mass fashion industry.


As the comfort becomes more underlined and the material consciousness of consumers grows, nobody wants to wear cheap sweaty plastic or heavy seams anymore. Unhealthy colorings and harmful chemicals are not welcome in our lungs or on our precious skin.

That’s why organic, recycled, and environmentally friendly material innovations are becoming more visible and appreciated. Circular economy and zero waste are trending.

Luxury of the home

Because all the cities are closed, the parties have moved to our homes. Fashion and aesthetics are nurturing our souls, so we are fully allowed to dress up in festive dresses, elegant shirts and lovely accessories when we feel like it.

A beautiful piece of design brings a good mood, reminds us of the importance of celebrating life and embracing moments, and gives some much needed variation to the days spent inside the same old walls.

Try on the Kimono Coat by Kaiko, the organic cotton Button Skirts and the summer favourite Frill Button Dress, or check out the lovely dress selection of this summer by Ivana Helsinki.

Demand in a closet

In these strange pandemic times, some of us have only purchased the essential goods -- not least because for many of us, the financial situations have been worse than usually. The economists and sociologists are now talking about accumulative demand, meaning that when freedom comes, a huge amount of people are hurrying back to the services, pleasures and products they have been missing for so long.

This will be the time we want more. We want a new purse, new shoes and that certain lipstick! We want to support the local restaurants, hairdressers, corner shops, yoga rooms and wine bars.

For all that nevertheless, it’s very likely that the new everyday life we build with our better choices and more sustainable options, is the new normal.

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