5 reasons to switch into ecological socks and underwear

Circular economy – a valuable word of today. I guess none of us still asks why? Finland has set a goal of reaching a state of way-leading carbon-neutral society by the year 2035. Yay!

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The degree of our circular economy in Finland must be doubled by the year 2035

All the actions must be taken shortly because the use of natural resources in Finland is comparatively high. The experts in the fields of our Ministry of Environment and Economic Affairs tell us that it’s not possible to continue consuming goods the way we do.

In order to be acting sustainably in the future, we just need to increase our circular economy. The degree of it should be doubled in the next 15 years.

Sock box supports in global environmental challenges

One of the easiest everyday eco acts is to take a good look at one’s wardrobe. The sock box is a great place to start. 

All the Finns and especially women own bundles of socks, pantyhose, and underwear. Most of the items spend more of their days in the closet than in active use.

Today we already have socks and lingerie made of recycled lace, organic cotton, and eco nylon. Their production consumes either none or at least much less virgin materials than before. It’s wise to choose circular economy socks or panties – by doing so, you also show some love for your skin.

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How do the ecological socks look like, then?

If the first thing that comes to mind is hospital socks for formless cotton panties, you might wanna update your view. IVALO.COM proudly presents Swedish Stockings, a brave eco sock brand that has received praise also in Vogue. It’s not the only one, but it’s brilliant.

Swedish Stockings offers an innovative and environmentally friendly alternative to oil-based virgin nylon pantyhose that are virtually disposable. Swedish Stockings is a showpiece of the circular  economy: the socks are made of recycled materials, all the waste and effluent are minimized, the socks are made to last – and finally, to be recycled once again.  

When you’re looking for underwear, turn to French Olly. The brand elegantly combines feminine aesthetics and comfortable organic materials. If you want to buy domestic, choose Lovanna with sustainable, ecological, and Öko-Tex -certified products. Lovanna wants to make sure your skin is happy with the safe and non-toxic clothes that come so close to your skin every day.

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1. Eco socks and undies are made of recycled material

For example, the Swedish Stockings are made of recycled nylon. The raw materials come from e.g. the cut-off waste in sportswear production, used plastic bottles, and fishing nets. The materials used in Swedish Stockings go by names NILIT®, ECONYL®, and Q-NOVA®. 

Nylon is not biodegradable, so recycling it lessens the amount of waste in landfills and oceans. Producing new nylon is harmful to the environment because the main ingredient is oil and the production thus consumes lots of energy and water. It also generates some effluents that can end up in the natural waters, polluting them. 

2. The longevity of products is valued 

Sustainable clothing brands are keeping an eye on the longevity and durability of their products. For example, Swedish Stockings utilize 3D- technology that gives some extra softness, support, and strength to their socks and stockings. Investing in product development is the brand’s way to fight against the disposable nature of the product category.

3. Repair services and caring instructions for your socks and undies

The small producers see their products as their beloved children and are glad to give functional instructions for customers to get the most out of them. 

It’s good to know that underwear and socks like to be washed in a washing bag, without fabric softener. They also like lower temperatures and don’t care for tumbling and spinning. 

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4. Eco brands’ production is more ethical and nature friendly 

Genuinely environment-conscious brands pay attention to the sustainability of their production processes. The factories are chosen with care, and usually, both ethical and nature-preserving modes of operation go hand in hand.

Swedish Stockings use renewable energy in their production, mostly from the sun. The amount of waste and over-production is minimized, and the water is recycled too. The brand uses nature-friendly dyes that are also friendly for your skin, taking care of your health in a long run. 

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5. The clothes don’t end up in landfills or ovens

The circular economy is not only paying attention to the production materials – what happens to the product after use is an important question too.

The awake clothing brands have their own recycling programs that allow you to return the pieces you don’t wear anymore. The producers then sort the fibers of the clothes and deliver them into recycling processes in a closed circulation system.

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