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IVALO.COM has found new summer favorites from the Finnish Kaiko Clothing. The beautiful comfort clothes speak not only to aesthetes but also to those who are in search of clothes for good mood.

Founded in autumn 2016, Kaiko is a brand made by Mirjam Sokka, whose ideology started with the thought Fashion with a mission. Mirjam believes that through fashion, there is a chance to truly do some good and contribute to a real change. Social responsibility is the basis for Kaiko’s operation. 

Over 34 000 euros donated to women’s education

Kaiko is taking care of women’s interests in cooperation with Women’s Bank. Together they aim to improve women’s conditions in poor countries and distressed areas.

Kaiko is all in for fair jobs, education and equality. For every product sold, Kaiko is directing 7% of the profit to support the women’s education in Nepal.

The percentage is significant and Kaiko already has donated a respectful amount of 34 000 euros to Nepal. This commitment is something to admire and we see a substantial activity for a very important cause.

Thus you can be sure that every piece of fashion you buy from Kaiko is a statement for solidarity and a step towards more sustainable clothing industry. Most of the people using Kaiko’s clothes share the motive of taking part in the charity work and being the change they want to see in the world. 

Comfy and beautiful

Kaiko stands for transparent production of your favorite clothing: they want to make clothes for you and your children that you want to wear every morning, even straight from the clothesline. From day to day, year to year.

An essential part of Kaiko’s product world is aesthetic and enchanting design. All of Kaiko’s products are high in quality and maintain their value for resale. This is very useful especially when it comes to smaller children’s clothes – those kids just grow so fast. 

Kaiko’s philosophy of design is based on the ease of use. You can dress up in beautiful and comfy clothes with no effort. Kaiko has thought it all through for you – the clothes are simple to use and easy to combine.

The style of Kaiko is recognized by the timeless design spiced up with small tricks that make the clothes light, urban and ethereal. Trends are visible in the details, materials and colors. Kaiko style includes unique patterns with earthy tones and charming watercolor prints.

T-shirts and cashmere for the Finnish summer

Suvi Pakkala from the marketing management of Kaiko says that the most anticipated novelties this summer are the black and white basic tees. The customers have wished for these classical T-shirts because they want their wardrobe essentials to be more and more ecological and ethical. 

Kaiko has named their stylish fit tee with lovely comfy feel aptly The T-shirt and this treasure will arrive to stores right together with the warming sunrays of spring.

Kaiko is famous for their dresses,skirts and children’s clothing collection. However, for this season Suvi hints us to try their dreamy soft Fair Trade cashmere knits. The Kaiko cashmere will become an all-year-round favorite piece you never ever want to let go.

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