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IVALO.COM blog summer serial Hidden Gems presents the less known treasures of the online store selection. The blog series for fashion fans started with giving credits to the Portuguese designer Carolina Machado, who brings European luxury designer fashion to this day with a fresh and sustainable approach.

Hidden Gems treasure chest opens again and presents another star: Tomcsányi. The pure joy of life and clothing from the Danube shores. Take a look at Tomcsányi and enjoy!


Tomcsányi – your own custom clothing studio in Budapest

In the year 2010, Dóri Tomcsányi from Hungary was studying in a university.  He published his first clothing collection as a school project and immediately raised a lot of interest and delight amongst the experts and consumers of high fashion. Dóri decided to proceed and founded a self-titled brand Tomcsányi.

Tomcsányi invests widely in sustainability and social responsibility. Dóri purchases sustainable materials and all of the production by Tomcsányi takes place locally at the brand’s studio in Budapest.

Tomcsányi has no ready-made storage – all the products are made-to-order to prevent overproduction. So, when you order a piece from Tomcsányi, the production starts personally for you during the next 48 hours after you place your order.


Crazy creativity and nuances of top fashion

Romantic and nostalgic Budapest has quickly westernized during the last decades but still managed to restore the distinctive atmosphere as an eastern bloc metropolis. Budapest is well known as a favorite of alternative folks – the city is full of imagination, subcultures, speakeasies, cultural events, and design markets.

The playful free-hand figures, striking color combinations, unique designs, nuances of top fashion, and high-quality Italian fabrics of Tomcsányi are an exciting embodiment of the culture and mentality of Budapest. They clink the classes and clank the boundaries in a courageous and festive way, just like the city itself.

Tomcsányi clothes also carry some influence from the past aesthetics, such as those during the history of the socialist era in Europe.


Wardrobe stars for women

Tomcsányi is no wallflower, but proudly presents magnificent and unique pieces for those who appreciate the spirit and the soul of their clothing. The stories behind the clothes and the inspiring breath of history add some spice to the ensemble. 

From Tomcsányi selection, you will find that special dress, shirt, skirt, or jumpsuit, to welcome the unique moments of your life and remember them forever. It’s very likely that you will never encounter exactly the same style piece, ever.

When you wear Tomcsányi, you will feel splashy, brave, feminine, wild, and free – all this while enjoying the skillful tailoring and fit. This is the Hungarian haute couture at its best: the sustainable version of it in the modern world today.


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