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All you friends of sustainable fashion – welcome to the summer blog serial by IVALO.COM. We are proud to present the eco-fashion brands that are yet not so familiar to many of you.

Sustainable design is often quite young indie fashion equipped with limited resources. The brands may be small, but they are driven by a full passion to design and produce unique high-quality clothes for you.

Hidden Gems is here to present you with the best of these brands. Take a peek in the closet and meet the third treasure in the series: this is Eticlò from Italy.

Cherries for the Scandinavian fashion friends

If you are a lover of Scandinavian fashion, you are touched by the simply relaxed, yet stylish aesthetics of the clothes and accessories. Eticlò offers just that, despite being Italian.

Eticlò doesn’t represent the most typical Scandi-style fashion – in their design, you can still recognize the Italian heart in the center. A lot of passion, a dash of drama, a little bit of statuesque touch, and classic cuts. The recipe of European top fashion is very much there, but at the same time – oh, so easy, so light, so comfortable.

If you like the sophisticated Scandi-style colors, forever favorite pieces, and pure clear cuts – but with a few cherries on the top – check out this brand. Eticlò. It just might be the answer to the craving for uniqueness that we quality-conscious Northern dressers often have.

Discover your own ethical wardrobe

Eticlò comes from Bologna and was founded by a former lawyer, Sara Zanella. The name Eticlò comes from the words ethical and closet. Sara herself represents a responsible and critical consumer who wants to dress up with style, but simultaneously be sure that their choices are not endorsing any unethical or environmentally devastating behavior.

Sara wanted to combine top fashion aesthetics with ethics – and keep the prices
tolerable for most of the people who might find her design interesting. Sara thinks we should not be forced to bargain the loveliness of our clothes! The most essential thing is to find exactly THE piece for YOU.

Take a good look at the summer and winter collections of Eticlò and pick wisely the modern citizen classics that suit your personal wardrobe. The beauty and comfort of these quality clothes soothe your mind and soul – and keep you happy for many years to come. Eticlò products are sustainably manufactured in Italy, without any chemical additives or heavy metals: they only use natural organic fibers and ecological dyes.

The popular pieces by Eticlò at IVALO.COM are for example the minimalistic trousers with a lovely fine cut. Top favorites are also the casual but elegant Oversized Brighton parka jacket and the beautifully dressy white shirts.

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