Hidden Gems - Rhea

Hidden Gems - Rhea

IVALO.COM's Hidden Gems blog series showcases the lesser-known brands of sustainable fashion, designers, favourites of the IVALO.COM team and customers.

The secrets of sustainable fashion are hidden inside small, interesting design gems that will take your wardrobe to a new level of style, ethics and ecology.

The IVALO.COM team is particularly excited about one of the new brands for autumn 2022. It's luxury knitwear brand Rhea, which happens to offer the world's best merino at a reasonable price.

If your knitwear collection is in need of some new knits to love, or if you're looking for something perfect for the women in your life as a Christmas gift, check out Rhea's collection.

Rhea sustainable women's knitwear

Traceable luxury merino wool

No matter where you buy your woolen clothing, it is usually difficult for buyers to know the origin of their wool. There are not only ethical question marks about the natural wool, but also huge differences in quality.

Fortunately, consumer interest in wool origin, production conditions and animal welfare is growing. To an increasing extent, the quality of the final products is also being appreciated.

The merino wool Rhea uses in its products is natural NATIVA™ merino wool, which is soft and biodegradable.

NATIVA™ is a fully traceable and sustainable global wool brand that provides the finest and highest quality fibres. NATIVA™ guarantees third-party certification of every actor in the raw material value chain. 

NATIVA™is a demanding protocol that traces wool from the farmers to the final product. It also monitors the production process of the final product and its environmental impact. The standard is also responsible for animal health and welfare.

NATIVA™ certified sheep farms are located in Argentina, Uruguay, USA, Australia, South Africa and New Zealand.

Each Rhea pin has a unique QR code. The code allows you to trace your knitted product's journey from material to finished product. Rhea's luxury merino wool is grown in Uruguay, spun in Austria and knitted in Lithuania.

Rhea's NATIVA™ merino is naturally mulesing-free and its high quality is a testament to animal welfare.

Rhea women's sustainable knitwear

Merino wool is multi-talented

Merino wool is both warming and breathable, making it a wardrobe all-rounder all year round. 

Merino wool wicks sweat and moisture away from the skin, and is naturally antibacterial. You'll often come across merino in winter sports underwear, as when worn directly on the skin it prevents chilling while controlling excess heat build-up.

Not only is merino a natural talent as a thermostat but it's also a stylish choice from everyday wear to winter party wear.

Wear a quality merino polo or shirt under a sweater, button-up shirt, or blazer to stay comfortable and warm even on busy days.

The thin merino is easy to care of and pleasantly lightweight. Merino wool doesn't wrinkle and, in a high-quality version, looks elegant even in festive dresses.

Rhea women's sustainable knitwear

Rhea - from women to women

Hailing from the Netherlands, Rhea is a subtle take on contemporary design. 

The knitwear is made of lovely materials, but also cleverly simple with little special touches.

Rhea's knitwear designs are stylishly contemporary, with colours that are thoughtful and long-lasting. 

Rhea [Ree-ah] means "The Great Mother" and "Mother of Gods". 

With her name, Rhea wants to pay tribute to femininity, while representing the eternal flow of time and generations. They take their responsibility and knitwear seriously. 

Rhea makes long-lasting knitwear that, with a little extra care, will last through the years and seasons with their wearers.

Merino wool is self-cleaning and antibacterial, so you can maintain it by airing it and removing stains locally. A way to save both your knit and the environment.