Customer experiences with Népra sportswear

Customer experiences with Népra sportswear

It's that time of year again, when the doors to the gyms are buzzing. Specialising in sustainable sportswear, Népra has been a rising brand on IVALO.COM throughout the past year.

Népra's popularity keeps growing as customers test it out for the first time. Népra's high customer loyalty reflects the functionality, quality and special comfort of the products.

Népra has also been popularised by the Wellnessmalli wellness competition and by Jenni Rotonen, a sustainability advocate and a dedicated Népra fan.

To help as many people as possible discover Népra, we are now sharing the experiences of customers, influencers and the IVALO.COM team about the Finnish Népra.

Feedback and comments on Népra's bestsellers

Saturnus - the most popular training bottoms

Three pictures of people wearing Saturnus training pants.

Népra's Saturnus were born as yoga pants. The aim of the training leggings was to provide comfort and flexibility to allow even the most challenging yoga poses.

Later on, Saturnus were also referred as dance pants - for the same reasons. In soft trousers, the pirouette spins and the leg rises like a feather, and the trousers don't feel or weigh down on you.

Now Saturnus are widely used for high-intensity aerobic exercise and as gym tights - still for the same reasons. Saturnus are perhaps the most comfortable training pants in the world, whatever the sport.

"The material is the best ever! It's so stretchy and soft that it's easy to get them on properly all at once and they don't sag or need any adjustments during training. They fit and stay on like a second skin."

"I wear them to the gym, on my runs, yoga + around the house. Great for home office, great for lounging! The soft tights are also great to leave under your outdoor pants if you're going outside in freezing weather or out with the kids."

"With an oversize sweater or shirt - a stylish, comfortable, everyday leggings."

"Saturns are the most cost-effective single garment in my wardrobe. I find myself pulling them on at some point every day. Now in their third year, the number of wears is in the hundreds."

"Easy to put on and take off even when sweaty. I wear covering underwear underneath the tights as the material is supple and soft, but quite thin."

"They don't shrink, pinch or squeeze. Dreamy light and lovely on. I also like Népra's stylish colours, not just black."

Juno Longsleeve - long-sleeved training shirt

Four people wearing Juno longsleeve.

The Juno long-sleeved training shirt from Népra is a true multi-tasker of sportswear.

Juno is an easy-to-wear shirt that allows you to hike, run, do your cardio, go for a long Sunday walk or work out in the gym.

The comfortable Öko-tex 100 standardised elastic material transfers sweat away from the skin and dries quickly.

"I bought Juno and after that I really stopped using the others. Juno is so easy and comfortable that you grab it for every workout. Works equally well as a gym shirt, for yoga and running."

"Juno is really easy to wear. The fit is quite snug, which makes it look extra stylish for a training shirt. For a more relaxed and loose fit, I would go one size up."

"The clean white and blue tones of the Juno are perfect and fresh."

Venus Crop Top - a classic from Népra

Three people wearing Venus crop tops.

Népra's Venus Crop Top is one of Népra's first products. The top was originally launched in mint green.

Since then, the Venus Crop Top has been given several new shades and is still a hit product of Népra.

"The Venus Crop Top is a perfectly cut training top. It has the right amount of coverage and doesn't show through."

"I like the comfortable material that is lightweight, non-sweaty and airy for even the most intense sweat workouts."

"The top is beautiful and flattering. The details on the back are simple and stylish and the top feels really comfortable on at the same time."

"The Venus is an uncomplicated training top that makes you feel comfortable. The top is high in the front, which keeps the breasts neatly tucked in."