Guide to choosing Népra training pants

Guide to choosing Népra training pants

Finnish Népra's training pants are the hot favourites of the moment.

If you're wondering which training tights to choose, it's a good idea to look carefully at the features of the trousers before making your choice.

With careful research, you're more likely to end up with the pants that best serve your needs and your movement, and that will get a lot of use.

Would you choose Terra, Saturnus or Maia from Népra's range of wonderful training pants? Learn more about the pants and find your perfect match. Ecological and ethical workout tights bring good mood to the gym or a yoga session.

TERRA - squat-proof tights for heavy use

Terra tights

Choose Népra's Terra training thights if you're looking for durable leggings for demanding use.

Népra's Terra pants have a snug fit and flat seams and they are made from rub-resistant recycled fabric. You can wear them for many years, even with heavy use.

Despite its supportive nature, Terra's material is breathable.

These workout leggings will not break under hard use. They are perfect for demanding and intense workouts such as crossfit, running and weightlifting.

The model has a comfortable high waist. The waist has an elastic band at the back which keeps the tights in place.

Terra training pants are available in a range of modern shades, the most popular being black and army green.

The tights are true to size and come in full length. The trousers have a small Népra logo below the knee.

Terra leggings are made mostly from recycled polyamide, which is ECONYL® regenerated nylon. The material is Oeko-Tex 100 certified and does not contain any harmful chemicals.

SATURNUS - the lightweight training leggings of your dreams

Saturnus tights

IVALO.COM's favourite Népra training pants are the Saturnus, with their silky soft and stretchy fabric.

Saturnus are said to be "like a second skin", which means they are wonderfully light and stretchy on the skin.

If you don't like too tight training pants with compression that supports the muscles, Saturnus are for you. With Saturnus, you can forget about wearing pants at all.

Saturnus' stretchiness makes them suitable for sports like yoga, dance and gym training. They're also a great choice for fast-paced cardio because they're thin and stay on perfectly.

Due to their softness, Saturnus material does not withstand heavy abrasion very well, so if you are looking for a particularly durable pair of workout thights, you should go for Népra's Terras.

Saturnus have a high waist and a comfortable elasticated waistband at the back to keep the tights on.

The tights have a flattering cut at the back and look beautiful on. Saturnus are multifunctional and have no logo. That's why Saturnus are also popular as an urban leggings, for example with a dress or an oversized sweater.

The most popular colours for Saturnus are sand and black. Sky blue has also been a summer hit.

Saturns are full-length and has a size-appropriate fit. The material is Oeko-Tex 100 certified and contains no harmful chemicals.

MAIA - high comfort

Maia tights

Népra's Maia training leggings have a unique and wonderful design.

Maia's are made of the same soft and strechy fabric as the Saturnus tights.

The design and measurements of the Maia leggings are the same as the Saturnus. Unlike the Saturns, however, the Maia pants have an extra high and comfortable waist and flat seams that do not press.

Maia pants are perfect during or after pregnancy. However, they can be worn by anyone. The high-rise waist is a stylish pair of sports tops.

Maia's are best worn in dance and yoga halls, gyms and are also suitable for a wide range of leisure activities due to their comfort and personality. The most popular shade of logo free Maia leggings is black.

Maias have a tight fit and full-length. Sizing is true to size. The material is Oeko-Tex 100 certified and does not contain any harmful chemicals against the skin.