New year of sustainable fashion ahead - thank you for 2022

As the year comes to an end, we want to recap on what's happened and give a peek on what's to come.

Some years ago, few would have seen the realities the world has had to face - including in 2022. 

The pandemic is not over, Europe is at war, the economy is struggling and global cooperation to slow climate change is lagging behind.

All these changes are creating problems in mobility and availability and cause material shortages and logistical challenges. 

There is a general sense of fatigue, anxiety, numbness and shock as one event follows another.

Working for the future

New Year 2022


At IVALO.COM, we patiently and tirelessly work for better fashion and for better future. Days are not perfect and progress is not straightforward, but we get a lot done every moment.

As 2022 draws to a close, the upmost feeling at our online store for sustainable fashion is still hope - and faith in a better future. 

IVALO.COM has been working on a new set of sustainability criteria over the past year. The accountability that we require from the brands at IVALO.COM will be even further enhanced. The results of this work will be made public in early 2023. 

We will to continue to find the brightest stars of sustainable fashion as the growing sustainability trend takes over more space in the market. 

IVALO.COM's amazing growth shows that in difficult times, people turn to good. 

As brutality, unpredictability and limitations become more concrete, it feels right and important to support transparent companies.

We thank our customers for the past year and for supporting truly sustainable fashion! 

We pledge to continue to put all our resources into changing this big industry for the better of people and the environment.

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