A made to order knit is the best gift for you and its maker

Did you know that you can have your dream sweater handmade in Lithuania where the highly skilled professional starts to work when you have placed your order? If you’re not surrounded by a knitting grandmother or a friend, then we highly recommend you to get to know the brilliant business idea behind The Knotty Ones.

The Knotty Ones knit samples

The Knotty Ones was founded by three best friends - Sandra, Danute, and Akvile who wanted to believe in kindness. Like every other young female, they were interested in trendy clothing. In their past life, they spend time chasing the latest fashion trends. This started to change in the year 2014 when the women were traveling in South East Asia where they saw the downside of fast fashion.

Today the friends are having their own sustainable fashion brand while living in Brooklyn New York and Vilnius in Lithuania. They are trying to change the fashion industry one stitch at a time.

The Knotty Ones is a social company

The Knotty Ones employ knitters that are mostly stay-at-home mothers in Lithuania. Most of them live in villages and small towns where there are not many jobs around. The Knotty Ones made to order knits ensure a safe work environment, fair wages, and an opportunity to take care of themselves and their families in poor rural areas.

The Knotty Ones works with every knitter separately. Knitters have the freedom to build their work schedules around child care and the rest of their life. The Knotty Ones offers a support system and a mentor for its knitters, to help them to learn and control their profession. They educate knitters about accounting, having control over storage and shipping, and initiation of the new team members. These new skills can help the knitters to grow on their career paths and offer a better quality of life.

The Knotty Ones publishes stories about the knitters. These stories will tell you how these women from poor areas have been able to use knitting to provide for themselves and provide for their children in their hometown. They have also been able to make their dream come true for example by getting a driving license, an English language course, or a trip.

When you buy The Knotty Ones’ sweater, you have an opportunity to donate an extra tenner directly to the dream of your knitter.

The most popular knits are Laumės, Twisted Erik, and Tommy that will charm everyone

The Knotty Ones’ knits make you take a deep breath. The cuts and colors are stunningly beautiful and you get a feeling that you want to wear them always. Ethically made knits are timeless and have been made of high-quality natural materials.

The Knotty Ones Twisted Erik

For example, look at the Twisted Erik cardigan that has been made from wool and alpaca wool. Its sharp looks will suit anyone. You can get it in classic colors like beige, black, or navy but also in a warm red or soft green color.

The Knotty Ones Tommy

The most popular model in IVALO.COM is Tommy that is simply the world’s most beautiful knit. Casual and extremely comfortable but so dressy and stylish at the same time. Its magic will lift your self-esteem immediately. You can wear it to a summer cottage or a party or an important job interview. The most sold colors of the Tommy knit are grey and beige.

The Knotty Ones Lames

Laumės is a goddess in Lithuanian mythology and that perfectly describes the knit named after her. Sophisticated but soft and comfortable. It’s made out of 100% merino wool so you can easily survive through even the northern winter. Available colors are pearl, black, and baltic blue.

The Knotty Ones Shorts

On top of the popular designs, you can find items for a different taste and need. You can find a selection from a tank top to trendy knitted bikers shorts from The Knotty One’s selection.

The Knotty Ones is a perfect gift with a big heart

There’s a great story behind The Knotty Ones and you can warmly recommend the knits to yourself and also as a gift. They’re a great way to remember your spouse at Christmas, or when your sister or friend has a birthday, or to anyone who has reached something worth celebrating.

A contemporary knit of good mood is a stylish beauty that when worn, makes you remember and feel the meaningful work and the important message of The Knotty Ones. Properly cared for, the knitwear will last for the next generation.

The Knotty One’s knits are made to order and therefore the delivery time is between 10 to 14 days. You will find all the knits here.

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