Sweden’s top training leggings now available at IVALO.COM

Sweden’s top training leggings now available at IVALO.COM

Ninepine is not currently available on IVALO.COM. Check out our selection of sustainable women's activewear or all of our women's pants.

IVALO.COM crew has been almost like children for the last weeks – the whole team has been waiting for Ninepine as impatiently as kids look forward to Christmas Eve! The Swedish-Australian label Ninepine brings a very welcomed addition to the sustainable activewear category at IVALO.COM, which has grown more and more popular during the corona season.


Sweat Harder 2.0 - insanely good training pants

Ninepine’s top hit products are already well known by the IVALO team, and so we can tell about the bestselleing items through genuine experience. Ninepine just happens to produce the best training leggings in the world, fulfilling the dreams of a yogi, a sports addict, or someone who just loves comfortable clothes.

Ninepine Sweat Harder 2.0 training pants have already reached a cult-like reputation in Sweden. Matt surface, very soft and smooth feel – like a second skin. With a high waistline and fit like a glove, these pants are just irresistible.

We can unreservedly agree to feedback written by a Ninepine customer: “Insane value”. The Sweat Harder’s price is moderate 74€, and it’s really difficult to find better value for any cost. Besides colored black, the pants are available in mellow blue and trendy plum tones.


Chic design with lasting quality

Sweat Harders are praised for the travel pockets that are big enough to fit a phone or keys – so convenient and safe. The patented NinePower fabric transfers sweat and moisture off your skin, and even while stretching this nylon-spandex isn't see-through. Its special feature is improved resistance against friction and fuzz.

The leggings look chic and stylish because of the flattering seams and sturdy fabric. They highlight your figure beautifully and thus can be recommended also as urban everyday wear. The extreme comfort makes Sweat Harders your favorite for housekeeping, shopping, outdoor walks, gardening, or office chair – as well as during Sunday couch time.


Ninepine – moving mindfully

Ninepine produces training clothes with a holistic approach, encouraging people to move more and thus enjoy life even fuller. Ninepine’s design is perfect for yogis, joggers, runners, functional trainers, cross-fitters, weight lifters, triathlonists, hikers – you name it. 

One essential part of Ninepine’s message is practicing meditation, mindfulness, awareness, gratitude, and self-knowledge. They certainly do enrich our lives and make every day more unique!

Ninepine design is scandi-style – minimalistic, modern, and timeless. Their selection is not seasonal but rather focused on individual top products and their further development – such as Sweat Harder leggings.

Fireworks of different patterns is not a Ninepine thing. The brand’s reasoning says “less, but better” – high-quality clothes that last for a long time, far over all the changing seasons and trends.