Kings of Indigo – for surfers of the new era

Kings of Indigo – for surfers of the new era

Kings of Indigo is an interesting and fresh brand from the Netherlands, specialised in responsible jeans and other denim clothes. The perfect eco-denim is created as a product of 17 years’ diligent work – yet it’s not the only inspiring aspect of the brand.

The pure joy of dressing up 

If you feel that unique, casually urban, and colorful clothing is your thing, you might want to give that eye to Kings of Indigo’s direction. The garments are fun, candid, and comfortable, with a sprinkle of Japan.

In the selection, you’ll find pieces with surf, snowboard, and street spirit combined with such style and attitude, that you can wear the same look in a restaurant, night club, bank, or office. Kings of Indigo is simply cool.

From indie brand to sustainability leader

Kings of Indigo aka K.O.I is a leading sustainable clothing brand founded by Tony Tonnaer. The name originates from a tattoo on Tony’s arm, which presents an intelligent carp named Koi swimming countercurrent.

Tony founded Kings of Indigo a decade ago. His goal right from the start was to produce socially and ecologically sustainable clothes – without compromising the quality. With that guiding idea Kings of Indigo has grown from an indie brand to a well-known benefactor of the clothing and denim industry.

The most sustainable jeans in the world

The truth behind cheap fashion is rough, and for example, denim production in the mass fashion industry is typically unecological. The production including its raw materials takes a lot of water, and the manufacturing of jeans easily swallows excessive amounts of it. Denim is often treated with harmful chemicals, which are harming also the people handling them.

Kings of Indigo’s denim is an innovation in all of the steps of the production process. The Kings have developed, improved, and refined their dye and recyclability while reducing their water, chemical, and energy usage.

The hard long-term work has paid off – Kings of Indigo has become the shining star of ethical-ecological denim fashion. All their selection is PETA-proof (vegan) and using 100% certified organic cotton. Kings of Indigo uses only 100% securely inspected production facilities, with fair and safe working conditions and the guaranteed minimum wage for all the workers. They don’t use PP-spray in their products.

Easy to use with a good mood

The most popular Kings of Indigo products on IVALO.COM are T-shirts, hoodies, and sweaters, of which there is a wide range of pieces for women and men. Take a look online and see if you feel a calling towards the pure and bright basic colors, the fresh pastel shades, or the temperate grey, black and white.