10 things you can do in Houdini’s merinos

Even though the waves of pandemic have soothed, Houdini’s layers deserve endless praise. 

The Swedish brand has developed the best sustainable materials in the world for a long time now. Their layers are hard to live without after having once tried them.

Pick your favorite out of Houdini’s layer selection and enjoy!


The light and soft Desoli is a super popular Houdini product family made of luxury merino wool. It includes two different lengths of trousers, a long-sleeve and a short-sleeve shirt, underwear, and a turtleneck. Desoli’s 100% merino is a result of long product development – it’s very light and pure wooly fabric.

Houdini Desoli


Houdini’s Wander is made of a material consisting of 60 % superfine merino and 40 % Tencel lyocell. The natural warmth of merino wool combined with the smooth texture of Tencel works like magic in extreme conditions while being very comfortable to wear. Wander is thicker and sturdier than Desoli.

Houdini Wander


Activist is made of Houdini’s special thin Activist Treemerino™material, which also is a blend of  Tencel and merino. Activist is perfect for everyday use as well as for intense sports and training. 

Houdini Activist

Houdini's layers are invincible in the winter but can be used all year round. The antibacterial materials don’t need to be washed after every use.


1. Ditch the robe! Store your Houdini layers next to your bed, so you can jump into it the first thing in the morning. The gentle natural material makes you feel lovely even on chillier mornings. The layers make it easier for you to get up from the warm bed.

2. Super telecommuting outfit! If you move straight from breakfast table to computer like millions of fellow fates around the world, you can still wear your layers. Just put on a smarter shirt and you’re good to go. Houdini’s layers feel lovely on the skin and you’ll sit comfortably all day. When you want to pop outside after lunch, you’ll already be wearing layers and everything works swimmingly.

3. Train outside! Wear Houdini Desoli or Activist under your shell clothing and enjoy sports to the fullest. Dreamy light and warm layers are perfect for skiers and runners.


4.Go downhill! Houdini was designed for slopes to begin with. The favorite base layer of downhill skiers and climbers fits like a glove. These versatile pieces are perfect for hikers and campers in all the action inside and outside the tent.

5. Sunday walks! Houdini layers are the best Sunday outfit when you spend a day outside with family or friends. Wear it under your quilted clothing and you’ll be happy for sure.

6. Couch potato’s bestie! You can mooch about wearing just Houdini layers at home every evening – the design is more stylish than basic long johns. Houdini layers give sweet breathable warmth against your skin without pressing seams or ribbings. After trying these, there is no return to traditional loungewear.

7. Sleep! If you would happen to fall asleep while reading or watching the telly in your Houdinis, not to worry – they are light and breathable enough to keep you comfy at night. The IVALO.COM team has some experience about sleeping in a cool log house in the winter season while wearing Houdini layers and they proved fantastic in this action, too.

8. For ice swimmers! If you like cold dips in icy waters and maybe a sauna on the top, Houdini is a great choice. It doesn’t matter if your skin is moist, just pull the layers on – the materials are moisture-wicking and you’ll feel nice and warm in next to no time. Houdini’s merino is warm even when wet.


9. Rain and forest! Wear your Houdini’s when you have to ride your bicycle to work while it rains. They are perfect to wear under rain clothes for mushroom picking or running with your dog in a forest. See – no sweat!

10. Body maintenance and yoga! If you do pilates or yoga at home or in a hall with air conditioning, thin merino layers may improve your muscular well-being at least at the start of the session.

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