Women's Trench Coats

Trench coat is a classic spring or autumn jacket

A trench coat is a classic piece of clothing that is always in fashion. Ecological, ethical, and sustainable women's trench coats are available from us

A trench coat is particularly suitable for the shoulder seasons, being a great spring jacket or autumn coat. The most classic trench coat is khaki or black. We also offer a range of colors - try a lilac or green trench coat, for example. The trench coat extends above or below the knee, depending on the model. The buttons can be in one or two rows. The trench coat is also characterized by generously sized collars and a belt that shows off the waist. There is often a split in the back to make movement easy.

The trench coat is suitable for many styles

You can combine a trench coat with many outfits. Because it has a long hem, it can also be worn with skirts and dresses. A stylish bag and quality anklets or knee-high boots complete the classic look. Of course, you can also style the trench coat in a more casual way and combine it with workout tights, a hoodie and a pair of sneakers.

Choose an ecological and ethical women's trench coat

When you shop at IVALO.COM, you know you've made a sustainable choice. All the brands we sell have passed IVALO.COM 360 Sustainability Validation. For each brand, you can check out more details on how sustainability is implemented in that particular brand. You can find great trench coats from brands like Enteliér from Poland or Voglia from Finland.

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