Winter Coats & Jackets

Women's winter jackets from IVALO.COM

A warming winter jacket is a must if you live somewhere cold. Fortunately, there are now also sustainable alternatives for this need. You'll find ecological and ethical women's winter coats in IVALO.COM's ever-expanding range, whether you want a thicker puffer coat or a light wool coat.

Puffer jacket or wool coat?

A winter coat may seem expensive as a one-off purchase, but a quality women's coat is durable and long-lasting and will pay for itself over the years. Even in winter, the weather varies and you may need more than one option. As a general rule, a warm puffer jacket and lighter wool coat or quilted jacket should be in your wardrobe.

It's worth thinking about what features you want in a jacket: In what kind of weather do you want to wear the jacket? Is a long or short winter coat more suited to your style? Do you like colors or is timeless black your choice? Do you prefer a jacket that is waterproof? And do you need a protective hood? As a jacket is a big purchase, it's worth taking some time to consider.

A sustainable winter coat is a warming feel-good purchase

When you buy your winter coat from IVALO.COM, you can make a sustainable choice. We check the sustainability of all the brands we sell before it goes on sale with us.

IVALO.COM 360 Sustainability Validation gives you transparent and clear information on the sustainability status of brands. All clothing sold at IVALO.COM is manufactured in safe working conditions and designed to last for a long time.