Your guide to select the right workout pants from Ninepine

Your guide to select the right workout pants from Ninepine

The absolutely most popular workout wear on IVALO.COM is the Sweat Harder 2.0 legging from a brand called Ninepine, originally from Stockholm. This particular model is so praised and hyped by the customers, that the other pant models from Ninepine seem to be getting less attention. But they are certainly also worth getting to know too!

Ninepine is not currently available on IVALO.COM. Check out our selection of sustainable women's activewear or all of our women's pants.

Although the Sweat Harder 2.0 -pants are one of the most excellent ones for workouts, they are still not the only workout pants in the world. The smartest thing to do is to select your pants according to your workout needs and preferences. What kind of preferences do you have?

Sweat Harder 2.0 leggings – for hardcore use and workouts

Ninepine sweat harder 2.0

This model is one of Ninepines pioneer designs, and it’s developed for high performance. Sweat Harder leggings have a supporting effect with a moderate-high compression. Sweat Harder is a perfect choice for sweaty workouts such as CrossFit, weight training, and/or triathlon.

Sweat Harder pants have a high waistband with a tie-able drawstring to ensure your leggings stay in place no matter what. The fabric has a patented formula that prevents friction and tuft, plus it’s cool and sweat-wicking. They are also squat proof and they have flexible side pockets for keys, tissues, or your phone.

Sweat Harder 2.0 shorts

Sweat harder shorts

Sweat Harder is also now available as shorts for those, who prefer shorter trouser legs. Perfect for both in- and outdoors.

Asana leggings – for yoga and comfort

Ninepine Asana legging

Ninepines' favorites are these soft leggings called Asana. Asana-model is the comfiest and most flattering model they have ever made. They are planned for yoga, low impact workouts, and everyday life.

This buttery soft and matte NineSoft™-fabric is beautiful, light as a feather, and extremely comfortable. The flattering seams look amazing and you can use them also under thicker pants when it’s colder.

Asana joggers – trendy everyday pants

Ninepine Asana Joggers

Asana-joggers are made from a brushed and soft fabric called NineTrain™, which makes them a little more polished. This jogger model is slim on the ankles, which make them look trendy and excellent for city life. Even though the model is fitted, the waistband is flexible and comfortable.

We can recommend Asana-joggers for multiple styles because you can dress them up or down depending on your shoes, coat, or top. These will be the comfiest pants you’ll ever wear!  

The material for Asana pants is the same as in All Rounder -pants, not as in Asana-pants.

All Rounder leggings – multifunctional pants for everybody

Ninepine All arounder legging

All Rounders are a perfect choice when you are looking for a pair of multifunctional pants. High, seamless waistband, durable and flexible material, and two pockets (another one with a zipper) are also great for outdoors. There is no lining nor they are very thick, so for northerly winters, you might need a thicker option.

NineTrain™-fabric is comfortable and very matte. We recommend All Rounders to runners, strollers, and for different forms of sports and activities.