The new star of Scandinavian fashion comes from Helsinki

Archetype is a clothing brand founded in Helsinki in the spring of 2020. We are predicting a bright future for the label! In Ancient Greek, the word Archḗ means beginning or origin, and the word týpos means type or design. The name thus refers to an original model or the first prototype.

Archetype designs harmonic Scandinavian clothes that go way beyond trends and seasons. It’s an epistemology for slow fashion, simple elegance, and long-life choices. 

IVALO.COM asked the new fashion star, what’s up. Read more and prepare to fall for Archetype:

What’s best about Archetype clothes and what’s most valued by the customers?

Archetype selection consists of pieces you can rely on. We have invested in top-quality materials and season-to-season cuts. In our design, we give a lot of thought to what is truly necessary. Our customers appreciate especially Archetype’s material choices and easily combinable styles. 

Which pieces of your collection are the most popular?

#Loose wool overcoat

This jacket is made of traditional loden fabric, which is dense and thick 100% wool. Because the fabric is denser than regular wool, it’s very weather-proof. To counterbalance the traditional material, the design of the coat is a modern style. The coat has a cotton poplin fabric lining, and the buttons are made of recycled plastic. 

Archetype loose wool overcoat

#Pleated wool trousers

100% wool trousers are perfect in cold weather. The fabric is tight and keeps the cold outside while settling beautifully. The loose cut pants have an elastic waist and pleats in the front. Pick your size according to your waist width – you might want to choose one size bigger than you normally would. Beige is the new black, at least it seems to be the most popular choice!

Archetype pleated wool trousers

#Corduroy shirt black

This collared shirt is made of thick and sturdy cotton corduroy that works perfectly in layers. The design is almost similar to the popular Archetype linen shirt, just with small changes. Corduroy shirt is 100% cotton and has buttons made of biodegradable resin.

#Alpaca Boot Socks

The breathable and insulating alpaca wool socks keep your feet warm in a lovely way. The socks are knitted tight, so they are thinner than your traditional woolly socks but just as warm. Alpaca wool is naturally antibacterial, so it won’t catch odors too easily. You don’t have to wash the socks after every use – just ventilate them in the fresh air and you’re good to go!

Archetype corduroy shirt and alpaca socks

What inspires Archetype design and how is it evolving? 

We wanted to present weather-proof and practical materials in our winter collection. Because most of our customers are telecommuting right now, we wanted to invest in the comfort of use: for example, our trousers are flexible at the waist and the design is a relaxed fit. 

In the spring, our focus will be on linen clothes already loved by our customers. The relaxation and comfort will be the main rule of our spring collection, too.

What does sustainability mean to Archetype? 

We want to operate in a sustainable manner and treat well both nature and people. At the moment, all the Archetype products are manufactured in Europe, from knitting the fabrics to the end of the whole production chain, which makes it easier to get to know the manufacturers and their mode of operation. 

The cornerstone of our ecological thinking is focusing on natural materials – ones that can be repaired, recycled, and in the end are biodegradable. Using mixed fibers makes it more difficult to recycle the clothes, and most of the pieces that contain polyester fibers are finally dumped in a landfill. That’s why we strive to use plastic-free materials whenever it’s possible. For example, the buttons we use are made of biodegradable resin or recycled plastic.

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