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A Danish rainwear brand Rains is a familiar sight on fashion estrades around the world. Rains’ designers find inspiration in Copenhagen’s street fashion and manufacture outdoor clothing with a modern approach and urban design. The Rains pieces are visually interesting and do not necessarily look like rainwear at all.

Rains started its story and production in 2011 with a sustainable waterproof poncho. After that, the selection has grown and now contains jackets, trousers, vests, gloves, headwear, and different kinds of bags. The rain cape loved by city bikers is still available as a part of the selection.Rains

Since 2016, Rains has opened up concept stores around the world like in Paris, London, and New York. Their flagship boutique can be found in the heart of the trendy Copenhagen, at the central square of Amager Torv.

Ecological, stylish security

It rains a lot in Denmark – and even more now due to climate change. On the whole Northern hemisphere, wet and dark winters will be more common while the snowy winters become rarer. The requirements for winter clothing are about to change.

The idea of Rains is to be able to take cover from rain while still wearing a stylish and well-considered outfit. The streamlined, clean cuts please the Scandinavian eye, combined with the effortless functionality – here lies the secret of Rains’ success.Rains

The third remarkable success factor is the safety and sustainability of Rains’ clothes. The whole selection is totally free of harmful substances such as PVC and DWR-PFC. The non-toxic polyurethane coating Rains uses is windproof and waterproof, and all the metals are durable stainless steel containing recycled materials. The polyester and nylon the brand uses are also recycled.

Rains products are also animal friendly and cruelty-free – in their winter clothes selection, they use an innovative material to replace natural feathers in the Thermal Puffer jackets, for example.Rains

3 x Rains tips for the autumn

1. Rains’ accessories, such as various backpacks, laptop cases, and cosmetic bags are very popular. The toiletry bags made of waterproof material are secure to carry in your suitcase or training bag – even if any product leak might occur. The bags will be guaranteed to keep your laptop and smart devices dry, no matter how wet the autumn/winter weather will be outside.Rains2. Rains selection is wide and full of stylish options to choose from. If you only want to pick one product, we suggest the classic one: Rains Fishtail Parka. This 100% stylish unisex raincoat is made of the safe waterproof signature fabric of Rains. It has a relaxed fit and a slightly longer hem at the back to cover you in wet conditions. There are many awesome colors available; IVALO.COM favorites are olive green and black.


3. Rains’ autumn 2021 collection, Futureproof, contains also their newest conquest: modern fleece clothes that simply ooze uniqueness and street credibility. They are full of sporty aesthetics, contrasts, and details. We recommend these pieces to all you trendy folks out there as soon as the temperatures start to drop.Rains

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