Lovely trends of Autumn 2021

This autumn, it’s topical to sharpen up after all the home lounging and summer laziness. Pajamas out, business look in! We have missed proper jackets, sweaters, top-quality bags and shoes, and lovely warm accessories.

This year we return to school and work day by day, enjoying the feeling of “going back to normal” again. The pandemic has taught us how to live in the moment and appreciate regular everyday life. 

At IVALO.COM, we are treasuring the golden rays of the autumn sun, warm summer memories, trendy cocktails, seasonal vegetables, yoga, and urban culture. Take a look at the autumn trends and the best picks of ecological fashion with us.

So ‘90s!

The cuts, makeup colors, voluminous hairstyles, belts, jewelry, and typical clothes of the ‘90s are back this autumn. All eyes are on the fashion icons of that time; the classic look of Lady Diana and the minimalistic style of Kate Moss are inspiring us all over again.

Must-have pieces of autumn 2021 are oversized blazers, generous vests, and slipovers. Classical styles such as check, dots, leather, pencil skirts, collared shirts, blue jeans, and quality accessories, are very much IN.

Besides belts and jewelry, also scarves and sunglasses will be seen a lot in the street view. Both skirts and trousers are now high-waisted.

Stitches and puffers

The traditional stitch design is still going strong. Now it’s everywhere – in jackets, vests, skirts, trousers, dresses, and even accessories. Courageous fashion lovers choose stitched office bags, laptop covers, and weekender bags, too.

The last couple of years’ bestsellers, puffer jackets, also transform now into puffy vests, backpacks, jumpsuits, and other chunky accessories.

Wellness clothes

Restorative exercise is the most important trend in training this season. Staying well and fit and taking care of body and mind are in the focus.

Sustainable sportswear is mega trending as we write this; everyone wants to take cover from wind, rain, and cold – while avoiding plastics, fluorocarbons, synthetic dyes, metals, and surface treatment agents.

Comfort, healthiness, and environmental awareness are required even when it comes to everyday clothes and shoes. “The style comes first” kind of thinking seems to be history now.

Knotty mania

The most wanted clothes in all autumn collections are elegant high-quality knits. It’s wise to invest in finding and taking care of the perfect knotty one – it will be a long-time beloved partner for years and years to come.

Hairbands, abundant hats and gloves, scarves, vests, shirts, turtlenecks, blouses, and slipovers are very topical. Stretchy sweaters and tight polo shirts are back as well and will be paired nicely with vests and jackets.

Statement clothes

The pandemic has increased our experience about the uniqueness of each individual, their lives, and everyday moments. Luckily, solidarity and communal values have rised on a higher level – now it’s ok and permissible to follow suit and scream out a logo.

Your shirt or jacket can tell a story, defend a minority, or take a stand for a cause stylishly and perceptibly.  The street credibility is built by the authentic easiness of your personal being – standing firmly on the good side.

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