Autumn 2023 fashion

A glimpse into the fashion for autumn 2023

With the summer holidays slowly receding, thoughts are already turning to the approaching autumn.

It brings trendy colors and styles that can be found not only in new garments, but also in old ones. 

Sustainable fashion brands are investing in seasonless design, which means not producing large numbers of changing collections. Surplus is avoided and no garments are discarded just to make room for new collections.

Sustainable clothing manufacturers strive to ensure that their clothes have a life cycle that lasts from year to year without being "out" or "so last season".

Yet the autumn fashion is always a promise of a new season to come. Clothing is an everyday way to enjoy the changing season. Enjoy dressing up!

Fashion pieces needed for autumn 2023

1. White button up shirt or shirt dress

Autumn 2023 fashion

Add white button up shirts to your wardrobe for autumn 2023. Remove any stains, bleach the shirts if necessary and iron them to wait for use.

Women can wear men's models and vice versa. White oversize shirts can be made dressy by accenting them with a belt.

Pointed collars, blazers, and other business wear are becoming more popular.

2. Loose jeans

Autumn 2023 fashion

Skinny jeans may have already popped up, but autumn's favorite jeans don't squeeze. On catwalks around the world, A/W 2023 denim is loose and showy. 

Autumn jeans have a bit of volume in every direction, so you can easily slip on a pair of stockings or thin merino underwear under your trousers when the first frosts arrive.

3. Quiet luxury

Autumn 2023 fashion

Autumn 2023 is all about the quiet look. The minimalist style of dressing has a touch of luxury. It doesn't scream logos and relies on the principle of less is more.

It's easy for sustainable fashion lovers to embrace the premium trend, with many indie fashion brands investing significantly in materials, cuts, tailoring, and customization.

The quiet luxury of autumn 2023 will include high-quality knitwear, waistcoats and jeans, simple natural materials, understated jewellery, and bags. 

Brand tips: Ana Dyla, Rhea, KATRI NISKANEN, Archetype, Studio Heijne.

4. Bow

Autumn 2023 fashion

For an affordable way to keep up with the trends, tie your belt and scarf into a stylish bow tie. You can now also attach bow ties to your hair, bags, and shoes. 

Bow ties are fashionable in jewellery, prints, and as a larger element in clothing such as dresses. 

Check out for example bow tie queen Miia Halmesmaa's stunning range of dresses.

5. Butter and orange

Autumn 2023 fashion

The favorite color for autumn 2023 is "butter", which is achieved by taking off-white, a favorite of recent years, a few steps further into yellow. 

Vanilla yellow is a perfect match for fashionable brown or crisp blue denim.

Inevitably, red orange, which has been glowing for some time now, is also said to be the power color of the difficult world situation.

6. Tights

Autumn 2023 fashion

Perhaps you've already ditched the traditional virgin nylon tights. But tights are coming - and in a more ecological version. 

The fashion miracle of autumn 2023 is the bold emergence of 80s tights; in smooth, seamless, fishnet, colors.

Tights are a guaranteed style creator, whether you're going for edgy, crazy, or classically simple look. 

Check out our sustainable tights collections from Hēdoïne and Swedish Stockings.

7. Leather

Autumn 2023 fashion

The leather jacket is a standard item in the capsule wardrobe, but in autumn 2023 leather will take over the wardrobe more than it has for a long time. 

Genuine leather is now favored, for everything from trousers to dresses, skirts and, of course, accessories. 

The most fashionable shades of leather for autumn and winter 2023-2024 are browns and reds. 

For example, the Finnish company LUMI Accessories offers vegetable-dyed quality leather in trendy colors.

8. Boots and earrings

Autumn 2023 fashion

Boots have already been in, but now women's boots are climbing to the knees and beyond. The new generation of boots can be found paired with simple knitted dresses, oversize shirts, and tights. 

Trendy giant earrings are now especially sculpted buttons such as large pearls, stones, and teardrops.

Forget hanging earrings for a moment and elevate your everyday jersey dress into a party dress with giant studs.