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The world changes a bit by bit. Maybe this covid disaster will leave a positive mark in the history books, in a sense that when the pandemic happened, the universe and mankind took a great leap forward instead of just a small step.

Lumi Accessories is a long-lived Finnish fashion brand globally famous for its superb ecological leather products. Lumi – just like all other people and businesses – had to stop and face the evident reality during this corona year. 

The Lumi team started brainstorming what to do more right now – the pandemic is raving, the world is getting smaller, the oceans are full of plastic, and Mother Earth is going to put a stop to the ongoing ravages.

Lumi Kris Oversized Bag Elen Small Pouch

Alternatives to fast fashion

Lumi found an answer in their own style and launched a trial where all the production batches are made based on pre-ordered demands. This experiment aimed to commit to an even more sustainable way of doing business in the long run. 

During the project, there was born a new material innovation and a new product line made of it. The goal of the line is a long lifespan of products and a minimal environmental impact. 

Lumi Kumiko Bag Kaj Backpack

Lumi innovation – New Normals collection 

Lumi New Normals / RPET – product line is a leap towards the new normal of the fashion industry. It includes 8 different designs of bags made of the new innovative 99% recycled material put together of PET plastic, recycled polyester, and leftover leathers. 

New Normals line includes two backpacks, a laptop bag, an oversized pouch bag, three different sized shoulder bags, and one foldable tote bag.

All New Normals bags come in a graphic matte black look with a stylish texture. The design has a spirit of the new age; the bags are unisex, universal, and versatile in use. With New Normals, you’re all set to go to the grocery store, to a picnic or camping, to the work, daycare, bar – you name it.  All the bags are weightless and water-resistant, maximizing the comfort of use.

Lumi Kirsi Laptop Bag

The favorites of Lumi and IVALO.COM

Lumi’s top hit of the New Normals line has been the Kumiko backpack, which is the bestseller of the whole selection at the moment. The secret of Kumiko is the virtuoso convertibility – with the bag, there comes a few extras that allow you to switch from a backpack to a briefcase, and further on to a shoulder back. One bag transforms into many different looks and uses.

New Normals line is designed in collaboration with Microsoft, which can be seen when you take a look at the pockets – a lot of thought has been given to space for your digital devices. The roominess of Kumiko makes it a great weekender bag or a modern minimalistic suitcase. It’s also perfect for cyclists.

The urban fashionistas of IVALO.COM have fallen in love with the Kris Oversize Bag of the New Normals line. The postmodern traveling bag is stylish and unisex, and what you can’t fit in Kris, you won’t need on your journey. Kris looks cool and casual to carry on your shoulder and releases you from all the past troubles with many small bags – there’s enough space for extra clothes, a laptop, and even a pack of toilet paper from the store. 

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