Ivana Helsinki did it again – the best of summer dresses

Ivana Helsinki is the leading brand when it comes to dresses, and has now launched a new summer collection that really turns heads. 

These inspiring summer dresses by Ivana promise to take us from warm beaches to lovely summer nights, and from lunch at sunny terrace to walks in the hot city. You already dream about it, right?

From Ivana’s selection you will also find the most perfect dress to festivals and garden parties that we hope will be many this year!

FLASHES VOL:3 – bohemian and relaxed

The new summer collection by Ivana Helsinki is the third release of FLASHES compilation, and a sibling of the two previous FLASHES collections from the year 2020. What connects them all, is the world of colors and magical lights, that lifts up the heavy vibes of these weird corona times with its glorious shine. 

FLASHES VOL:3 is irresistibly colorful, bohemian and relaxed selection of the most beautiful dresses. Ivana’s design is playfully bold, but at the same time as comfortable and functional as the northern design tends to be.  FLASHES VOL:3 dresses are versatile in use – many of them for example come with detachable belts – and the materials are very well thought through.

From fresh white to Flashdance

FLASHES VOL:3 collection is full of white pieces, bringing freshness and timelessness to the summer selection. The white dresses might be something you want to invest in this year – they are classic pieces that will be a trusted companion in your wardrobe for years or even decades to come. 

The artistic designs of the new collection are: 1. Sata Salamaa, 2. Muutto, 3. Kiuru, 4. Animal Rights, 5. Flashdance, 6. Thunderbird Dark Blue, 7. Thunderbird White, 8. Salamamaa Green, 9. Salamamaa Yellow, and 10. Dogtooth.

Animal Rights - for the sake of our furry friends

IVALO.COM recommends the statement print of this summer – Animal Rights. It shines in lovely fresh blue and white tones. From the Animal Rights pieces we picked Inari, loose fit modern shirt dress with slightly baggy sleeves, and Irene, a bit more classic, longer and with a feminine light frill in the hem.

The founder and designer of Ivana Helsinki, Paola Suhonen, is an animal rights activist. Animals have always played a very important role in her life – her best friend for 13 years was her beloved Estonian rescue dog Affe. 

Paola has worked as a volunteer in a dog's shelter in Romania, as well as in South Africa at a nature reserve site taking care of wounded wildlife. Paola says that humanity is measured by the way we treat all the creatures of nature: ”Animals have the right to live a good life.”

Animal Rights is a tribute to our furry friends from Ivana Helsinki – to take part in spreading the knowledge about these important issues, and helping people to make better choices in fashion and everyday life. The message is simple: we need to take care of each other. 

Ivana TOP3 favourites of the summer collection

TOP 1: Hertta Dress (Pink): A playful and dashing dress for the spring/summer times! Hertta has many of the traditional Ivana qualities and wearing this, you will totally stand out from the crowd with the joy of life and the lack of prejudice you shine around you.

TOP 2: Heta Dress (Thunderbird Blue): A classic dress with the beautiful birdie print suits any occasion. Heta is capable of being both stylish everyday wear and unforgettable party dress. The dark blue color makes it a sophisticated piece, while the artistic bird print brings about some topical soulful vibes.

TOP 3: Helle Dress (White): Helle is a delicate and ageless summer dress that you will never ever want to let go! The special design in the bodice and sleeves makes it a customized unique piece. The voluminous butterfly sleeves, trendy lace details and pure A-lined cut make the vibes of old and new styles melt together like a dream.

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