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The summer blog series of IVALO.COM continues to present small sustainable fashion brands; here is Nuuwaï from Germany. The fashion media all over the world, including Vogue, have gone nuts about Nuuwaï – besides the fresh design, the brand is also a circular economy innovation providing something this world needs right now.

The modern bag brand Nuuwaï suits a fashion lover who appreciates veganism and zero waste. Surplus material of apple juice production is what this innovative brand gets the raw material for their collections, charming in topical pastel colors and minimalistic black.


Bags made of vegan apple leather

The founder of Nuuwaï, Svenja Detto, has been a vegan and a declared animal person for a long time. She discovered after a while that most of the vegan faux leather bags available were made of plastic.  

Svenja happened to see a program on TV introducing a type of leather made of apples. She found the material interesting and beautiful, but couldn’t find bags made of apple leather anywhere. This led to a leap towards entrepreneurship.


Nuuwaï uses the biomaterial, “apple leather”, which is an originally leftover waste of the grocery industry. The surplus material mostly coming from apple juice production is dried and ground into a fine powder, then mixed with polyurethane. The mass is spread on cotton fabric and rolled together to get a tear-resistant quality. Then the rolls are heated up to make the fabric weather-resistant. The fabric can be finished with surface treatments such as embossed patterns, to make it look like real leather.


Grocery industry in our wardrobes

In the future, our clothes and accessories will in increasing amounts be made of materials produced in labs and, for example, grocery waste. The genius circular economy can utilize even fish bones, sugar, citrus peel – and apples – as building blocks of a sustainable wardrobe.


The pressure around the environmental and climate issues is causing an increasing demand for ecological materials in the clothing industry. The circular economy is one of the keywords of today and we are taking a peek into the future; in the ‘2050s, nobody’s using virgin materials, cotton, or polyester the way these are used now. This change is necessary in so many ways in the fashion world we live in right now – we must invest in innovative materials to save the big picture. 

Nuuwaï is a great vegan alternative to leather bags. In their production they use – besides the apples – many recycled materials, such as 100% recycled plastic bottles and fishing nets.


The best vegan brand of sustainable luxury

Eluxe Magazine, representing genuine sustainable luxury, has recognized Nuuwaï as the best vegan brand in their highly valued awards. Eluxe specializes in ecological fashion, pure beauty, sustainable lifestyle, and vegan food in their contents. 

Recognizing Nuuwaï speaks volumes about not only the environment-friendliness of the brand but also the potential as a new design pioneer in fashion. The bags and wallets of Nuuwaï are available in a compact and coherent selection of pure clear-lined design combined with unique trendy colors.


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