What matters most in sustainable fashion? - IVALO.COM customer survey results

We wanted to find out the most important values ​​and product features to our customers. We compiled the results of our customer survey into this blog.

IVALO.COM conducted a customer survey in December 2021 in cooperation with Anni Rinne, a student at Haaga-Helia University of Applied Sciences. We would like to thank all our customers and other respondents who participated in Anni’s survey.

The number of respondents to the survey was great: 430 respondents, of which up to 90% were women. The respondents came from all over Finland with a focus on Helsinki/Uusimaa. 

We consider the activity of the respondents as a sign that our customers and IVALO.COM's followers consider sustainability important and want to contribute and support the theme.

Compared to the previous IVALO.COM customer survey in summer 2020, the importance of sustainability to customers had increased significantly during the pandemic. This is particularly noticeable among younger customer groups.

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8 sustainability factors for clothing 

Clothing lifespan is the most important

The importance of 1) quality, 2) durability and 3) longevity of clothing is highlighted in customer responses. 

Up to 80% of respondents ranked quality, durability and longevity as the most interesting aspects of sustainable fashion. 86% of customers feel that quality and durability are the best indicators of the sustainability of products.

Other key sustainability factors

In addition to quality, durability and longevity, customers are most interested in 4) the origin of products, 5) human rights issues related to manufacturing and 6) more responsible material options. 

Customers want to know where and how products are made and consider this to be a measure of sustainability. In addition, 7) the environmental impacts in a broader sense, and 8) animal rights issues are of interest and importance to consumers aspects.

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IVALO.COM takes the message forward

IVALO.COM's mission is to help the brands sold on its marketplace to help to develop their sustainability work.

As part of its partnerships, IVALO.COM informs clothing manufacturers about customers' views on what is important in sustainable fashion and which issues are most valued by customers. 

In 2021, the sustainable fashion marketplace IVALO.COM has sold worth of 1 million euros of validated sustainable fashion brands to its customers. According to the customer survey, sustainability interests almost all of the respondents, on a scale from very interested to somewhat interested.

Fashion buyers pay attention to the sustainability of products and the vast majority of them would like to make sure that products are responsible before making a purchase decision. 


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